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  • Walking Dead Cocktail

    Not much to say here, this is just a stupid crazy mixture of alcohol, I’d not even call this exactly a “cocktail.” It’s a bit of everything all put together in what can only be a potion of sorts, something you’d think a witch would brew. But, it makes for good video!

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  • Old Scratch Amber Lager Review

    Old Scratch Amber Lager Review

    America’s history is rich with lagers, recipes brought over by desperate Germans looking for a new life. They brought with them an entire beer drinking mentality which changed how Americans view beer. Flying Dog issues their own Amber Lager and shows off their recipe and ideas. The initial pour is a gold amber color, as you’d expect from the title, with a light white head which dies off within a minute of the pour. The carbonation is subtle when peering […]

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