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  • Shiner FM 966 Seasonal Ale Review, What!?

    Shiner FM 966 Seasonal Ale Review, What!?

    Our first beer review? I feel it is. Today we take a look at Shiner FM 966 and see how it all plays out in our mouth. Plus, we have a good time talking about… beer! It’s a spring seasonal.

    Like an easy tasting floral spring beer with nice hop aroma without the massive bitterness and maybe a bit of a fruity note? Yeah, this is the beer for you. You can get beer glasses from awesomedrinks!

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  • Graveyard Cocktail Recipe

    Some Fridays we just like to get stupid, we’re getting stupid today. The Graveyard Cocktail has more ingredients than it needs for the purpose but it’s just not a crazy episode unless we fill the table with spirits. From vodka, gin, tequila, scotch, bourbon, triple sec, beers, you name it this cocktail will exercise the broad depths of your alcohol collection. But, yes, it’s stupid to attempt this “trick.”

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  • Horn Dog: Barley Wine Style Ale

    Horn Dog: Barley Wine Style Ale

    Looking for a unique style of beer that’s aged like a fine wine and will knock you on your ass? Horn Dog is a Flying Dog brew based on a barley wine style ale. It’s an aged beer, a minimum of three months before being packaged, and wields a 10.4% alcohol by volume (ABV). This 2004 Silver Medal Winner is potent in punch, flavor and attacks all your senses within seconds of sipping. Pour slowly into a glass and you’ll […]

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  • Everyday Drinkers Podcast Episode 10: Spring Ale

    This episode covers Flying Dog Garde Dog, Dogfish Head Black & Blue, Smuttynose Hanami Ale, Harpoon Hibernian Spring Seasonal, Blue Moon Rising Moon Spring Ale and Otter Creek Spring Ale. We’ve also got a special guest, Zach, who goes through his uber pilsners and other Virginia local brews.

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