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  • The ReJigger Cocktail Accessory

    The ReJigger Cocktail Accessory

    I like the call the Rejigger “Paint by Numbers” cocktail creation, mainly because the recipe guide reminds me of a paint by numbers grid. Markus, the designer of the Rejigger built is patent pending design off the premise that most great cocktails share common measurement designs

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  • Quality Absinthe Drippers/Brouilleurs

    Quality Absinthe Drippers/Brouilleurs

    Before getting into the absinthe culture I would have never known such a device existed, but now life has changed as I’ve got myself a few quality Absinthe Drippers. An Absinthe Dripper, or Brouilleurs, makes a great substitution for a full absinthe fountain and commands a lower cost. While you can rightfully use a carafe or slowly pour a glass of water into your absinthe, you’re losing a sense of the culture by taking the low road. One key advantage […]

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  • Quality Absinthe Glasses, Style, Elegance and Grace

    Quality Absinthe Glasses, Style, Elegance and Grace

    There are plenty of accessories to outfit the most enthusiastic absinthe drinker but which are the best for you? You don’t have to be an absinthe connoisseur to appreciate a good drinking vessel. I wanted to take a few minutes to point out three unique glassware products for drinking absinthe. You may start by using any glass tumbler in your household and it will work just as any fancy absinthe glass. I’ve found that absinthe drinking, unlike a vodka or […]

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  • Beautiful Absinthe Spoons, The Review

    Beautiful Absinthe Spoons, The Review

    Since discovering Absinthe, I’ve found the preparation to be quite fun when it comes to working with the spirit. While most accessories aren’t required many are preferred because it makes preparing absinthe easy and fun. Once you’ve got yourself an absinthe fountain, such as the low-cost one we’ve reviewed already or a more fancy alternative such as the Rozier Fee Fountain (which I’ll review later) you’ll want a neat spoon to trick out and accessorize your louche experience. There are […]

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  • Review: Glass Absinthe Fountain from Absinthe Devil

    Review: Glass Absinthe Fountain from Absinthe Devil

    Absinthe drinkers have a few options when it comes to preparing their absinthe, they can can pour ice water from a carafe or some make-shift “fountain” or head out and buy an easy low-cost glass fountain. If you plan to drink a lot of absinthe, or at least put a dent in your bottle, you’ll find money best spent on a real absinthe fountain. Absinthe isn’t cheap, typically hitting the USD $60 price tag and beyond. If you’re willing to […]

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