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  • The Woo Woo Recipe [video]

    The Woo Woo Recipe [video]

    The Woo Woo, such a simple name for a cocktail recipe. This little mixed drink is crisp, refreshing and fruity without overbearing sweet. A bit of cranberry juice and peach schnapps with the alcohol punch of vodka and you’re ready to go. Check us out at Everydaydrinkers.tv to see the episode and leave some comments!

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  • Liquid Cocaine Recipe

    Liquid Cocaine Recipe

    It’s time for a great desert style cocktail, Liquid Cocaine is the perfect marriage between Rumple Minze and Goldschlager blended with Jägermeister and Dark Rum. This is an excellent sipping cocktail with a great balance between chilly mints, fiery cinnamon with a little rum and flavorful Jägermeister, how can you go wrong? Check us out at Everydaydrinkers.tv to see the episode and leave some comments!

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  • Caramel Candy Apple Martini

    Caramel Candy Apple Martini

    Looking for a cocktail to tame your sweet tooth? Enter the Caramel Candy Apple Martini! The sweet combination of Sour Apple Pucker, Dekuyper Buttershots Burst (Butterscotch Schnapps) and a slight hint of Triple Sec is glorious. One of the best drinks we’ve made thus far, in our personal opinion, it contains just enough sweet without making you sick. The Caramel Candy Apple Martini goes down smooth, light and refreshing. You’re mouth is bouncing with the sense of happiness and your […]

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  • Red Headed Slut [Video Recipe]

    Red Headed Slut [Video Recipe]

    It’s time to sit back and enjoy a little Jägermeister, Cranberry Juice and Peach Schnapps. The Red Headed Slut is a great after dinner drink balanced well with sour Cranberry and sweet Schnapps. Enjoy! For those supporting us in iTunes, we thank you! If you can fling a few comments our way via iTunes we’d highly appreciate it.

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  • Everyday Drinkers Podcast Episode 06: Liqueur

    This episode we tackle liqueur in all forms all in one podcast. What? Yeah. It was a rough night. From the light lemon taste of Averna Limoni Di Sicilia to the black natured Starbucks coffee liqueur. We’ll also make a short stop at Jagermeister vill along with Grand Marnier, Gran Gala, Southern Comfort, Disaronno, Goldschalger, Drambuie and a ton of other tasty liqueurs. This was definitely a podcast you only do once, no man should suffer this many sweet liqueur […]

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  • German or American Schnapps, That’s The Question

    German or American Schnapps, That’s The Question

    On our upcoming episode of the Everyday Drinkers podcast we’re going to cover different liqueurs from herbal liquor to cream, berry, coffee and other crazy flavors. Schnapps has fallen into my scope of “liqueurs” to cover for the next podcast. This includes peach flavors and other crazy sweet substances to give you a buzz… but they’re not really a German Schnapps (as the name “schnapps” would suggest)–they’re American. Schnapps is a style of distilled beverage, ethanol if you will, many […]

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  • Swiss Cinnamon Schnapps: Goldschläger

    Swiss Cinnamon Schnapps: Goldschläger

    The swiss got it right with this 43.5% alcohol by volume schnapps known as Goldschläger. It’s not often you can find an alcohol with floating flakes and consider it a worthwhile drink. If you collect all the gold flakes found in a bottle you might be able to net yourself USD $2.39, considering you purchased the bottle for more than that, don’t go gold mining a bottle of Goldschläger expecting to get more than a tenth of a gram of […]

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