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  • Kinky Cranberry, with Kinky Liqueur

    Kinky Cranberry, with Kinky Liqueur

    Today we take a pink liqueur, not too unlike X-Rated in color (and market presence) with a slightly different flavor profile due to the cranberry being a nice dry cranberry finisher.

    The gin presences is slightly muted in the Kinky Cranberry if you use a slightly more subtle gin because the other flavors are predominant. Using Greenhook ginsmiths gives us a bit of a juniper and camomile essence–a bit of the herbal quality, dryness of the cranberry and Kinky.

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  • Hearts of POM Cocktail with POM Wonderful

    Hearts of POM Cocktail with POM Wonderful

    The Hearts of POM cocktail utilizes POM Wonderful to generate a pink drink for breast cancer awareness week (for the month of October). This drink has a slightly salty tequila flavor along side the off-dry pomegranate finish. Imagine a pomegranate margarita and Hearts of POM fits the category.

    Question of the day, favorite tequila-based cocktail?

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  • X-Otica Cocktail with X-Rated Fusion

    X-Otica Cocktail with X-Rated Fusion

    The X-Otica cocktail, direct from X-Rated’s website, we are making a pink drink to keep the breast cancer awareness movement in full swing. This entire week will be pink, this is our second recipe of the series and it’s super easy to make if you haves some X-Rated.

    It is a bit potent, but sweet at the same time, considering neither ingredient is super high proof, the striking potency is probably just flavors smashing you in the face hole.

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  • Cancer Awareness Cocktail

    Cancer Awareness Cocktail

    Save the Ta Ta’s cocktail, or the Cancer Awareness cocktail, designed to give the right color, a good flavor and coordinated in-house as our own cocktail design.

    We built a cocktail that almost fits the balance of “one sour, two sweet, three strong, four week” with a bit of a modification. We got it pink with Rose+Hibiscus Cocktail Concentrate.

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  • Sugary Goodness Shot

    Sugary Goodness Shot

    The sugary goodness shot, a shot of vodka for those that have way too many flavored vodka’s floating around your bar. Just mix ‘em together and add some Irish Cream as a chaser and you’re done.

    The Irish Cream supposedly dulls down the heat of the vodka, but most of the flavor is that of pineapple.

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  • Anejo Highball Cocktail

    Anejo Highball Cocktail

    The Añejo Highball, or the “Añeho-ho Highball”, is much the child of a Dark n’ Stormy, it’s got the rum and ginger beer with a bit of lime and curacao to give off a little sweetness along side a bit of bitter.

    You can find a few different base spirits used for an añejo highball, for us we’re doing this with a rum.

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  • Colorado Fireball, with Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    Colorado Fireball, with Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    The Colorado Fireball, a flavorful Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cocktail that inherits some concepts for the original Colorado Bulldog. However, instead of just bringing a boring vodka to the table (literally), we selected Fireball Whiskey along side some coffee liqueur all settled in a base of milk–not too unlike the way we eat our Cinnamon Toast Crunch™.

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  • Cannon’s Mist Cocktail

    Cannon’s Mist Cocktail

    The Cannon’s Mist, a cocktail that has some potency along with its carrot cake flavor profile from the rumchata. It brings spice in both the striking of the alcohol and the flavors of the rumchata and spiced rum combined.

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  • Deadly Venom, Destruction To Your Face?

    Deadly Venom, Destruction To Your Face?

    A drink submitted by a man in the military, is this drink too big for our faces? Turns out? No, the Deadly Venom tastes much like a Good and Plenty (for those that can get that candy). It won’t make you tough, but the sambuca does bring that black licorice flavor.

    Don’t get us wrong, it’s not weak on alcohol, it just doesn’t taste like it. It’s a bit sweet.

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  • Clover Rose, with Rose+Hibiscus Concentrate

    Clover Rose, with Rose+Hibiscus Concentrate

    The Clover Rose is a spectacular cocktail designed by the folks at the Wild Hibiscus Flower Company using their new concentrate called Rose+Hibiscus. If you like the aroma of rose peddles this cocktail may blow your mind.

    Now that we created it, this might make a fabulous Valentine’s day cocktail in a few months. The aroma is awesome, the flavor is strikingly well balanced with a creamy texture that’s not too sweet and not too sour.

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  • The Jane Daniels Shooter

    The Jane Daniels Shooter

    Jane Daniels, you know, the opposite of Jack Daniels. And, coincidentally, it has jack Daniels in it so… time to get rowdy! If you don’t care for Jack Daniel straight, you can add a bit of sugar to Jack Daniels and a bit of cinnamon and BOOM.

    In some ways, it tastes like Fireball whiskey with a lot less cinnamon. It’s not bright pink and there isn’t a sparkler hanging out of it, so this is a man drink!

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  • Purple Quartz-Tini, Viniq Shimmery Liqueur Cocktail

    Purple Quartz-Tini, Viniq Shimmery Liqueur Cocktail

    This drink might be targeted at the female persuasion with its color and shimmer. However, guys may like it as well, although it is a bit on the strong side for any human. Cut down the vodka and make this a better cocktail that brings out more flavor than ethanol.

    It does bring up a good point, what are your opinions of “girl” drinks–those targeted specifically for women. An interesting use of Viniq, but it does lose some of hits “shimmery liqueur” when you add lemon juice.

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