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  • Celebrate With Session Beers

    Celebrate With Session Beers

    This is the season to go outside, have barbeque’s and enjoy life with friends. I understand there are people around the world that enjoy the winter time, winter sports and bitterly cold weather, but for everyone else the spring and summer time is the time to kick back and get lazy. Need further proof? Many folks take their annual vacation in the summer time and enjoy time off from work and time with their families. This is a great time […]

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  • Erdinger Dark Hefeweizen

    Erdinger Dark Hefeweizen

    If there is one great thing about beer recipes it’s the fact that they’re relatively ageless. Erdinger Weissbräu dates back to 1886 when the construction of their first brewery in Erding was written in the books. This Bayerisch (Bavarian) beer is your classy wheat style, bottom fermented brews with a thick dark body and malty taste. Unlike many popular wheat beers (Weißbier) Erdinger Dark is, in fact, very dark. I was surprised as I held the glass up to the […]

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  • Julius Echter – Hefe Weiss

    Julius Echter – Hefe Weiss

    Looking for a premium Bavarian wheat beer? Good, Julius Echter is a must try beverage. Like a great Bavarian wheat brew, you’ll look forward to a golden cloudy ale with a citrus scent. The initial taste is a bit fruity with a smooth medium bodied finish. Julius Echter also has a Dunkel (“Dark”) ale so don’t be confused between the Dunkel and the Weiss (“White”) or Hell ( “Pale” ) beer, they’re completely different. Like most wheat beers, the pale […]

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  • Wheat Beers – Smooth And Creamy

    Wheat Beers – Smooth And Creamy

    Wheat beers are known throughout the world under different names, it might be a Witbier in Belgium or Weißbier in German or White Beer in English but in the end they all equate to one thing: smooth creamy beverages. Beer history dates back a long time and as far as humans can remember, the first wheat beer originated in Germany as early as 1040AD. What is a wheat beer exactly? The Germanic name, Hefeweizen (Hefe is “Yeast” and Weizen is […]

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