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  • Horn Dog: Barley Wine Style Ale

    Horn Dog: Barley Wine Style Ale

    Looking for a unique style of beer that’s aged like a fine wine and will knock you on your ass? Horn Dog is a Flying Dog brew based on a barley wine style ale. It’s an aged beer, a minimum of three months before being packaged, and wields a 10.4% alcohol by volume (ABV). This 2004 Silver Medal Winner is potent in punch, flavor and attacks all your senses within seconds of sipping. Pour slowly into a glass and you’ll […]

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  • Cheers From the UK – Have A Beer

    Cheers From the UK – Have A Beer

    I’ve spent the last two days in London and I’ve had a chance to experience much to what this city has to offer in terms of awesome architecture, fast paced humans, city dwellers and beer. Upon arriving in the United Kingdom I dropped my butt down on a seat and ordered a Guinness as it’s made in the “old country.” I’ve had plenty of Guinness in the States but it must taste different back “home” in the UK, right? Right. […]

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  • Celebrate With Session Beers

    Celebrate With Session Beers

    This is the season to go outside, have barbeque’s and enjoy life with friends. I understand there are people around the world that enjoy the winter time, winter sports and bitterly cold weather, but for everyone else the spring and summer time is the time to kick back and get lazy. Need further proof? Many folks take their annual vacation in the summer time and enjoy time off from work and time with their families. This is a great time […]

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  • St. Peter’s Brewery Presents: English Ale

    St. Peter’s Brewery Presents: English Ale

    St. Peter’s Brewery markets their beers with a very simple bottle and a very subtle labeling; beers with simple bottles tend to be a great beverage to purchase. This pint of English Ale arrives in an olive green glass bottle but the liquid within its holdings is definitely not green! Pouring the contents into a glass you’re greeted with a hazy golden color with slight but constant carbonated bubbles of tiny proportions. This is an organic beer, sporting “organically grown” […]

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  • Wychcraft Blonde Beer

    Wychcraft Blonde Beer

    It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed an English beer as I have a preference for many German beers. None-the-less an everyday drinker can’t stop with German brews, so here we go! Wychcraft offers up much in terms of taste, color and satisfaction. Wychwood makes some fancy style bottles to go along with their total UK stylishness. If you’re into lighter style summer brews you’ll definitely want to pay attention. Initially the beer poured gold with a tall white head which […]

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  • Everyday Drinkers Episode 05: Winter Ale

    This episode of our drinking podcast covers a variety of winter ales, mainly from our fine friend Doug. While a few of us pick a winter ale to talk about, Doug tries to collect them all. You’ll see one of us loves Samuel Smith while another may think it’s just too skunky to call a great brew. Learn a bit about winter ales, malts, malt beverages and why a Colt 45 isn’t a winter ale.

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  • Older Drinkers Don’t Know Their Limit?

    Older Drinkers Don’t Know Their Limit?

    A new survey from YouGov finds older people forget their ‘limit’ when it comes to excessive drinking than our youth…at least in the United Kingdom. Europeans may have different drinking habits than us in the United States but people tend to have the same habits, so this might be one of them. There is some stereotypes that say UK folks can drink most countries under the table (I’m sure Germany is right up their in contention) but would older people […]

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  • Black and Tan: The Beer That Serves All

    Black and Tan: The Beer That Serves All

    Not extremely thrilled about drinking a full dark stout? Perhaps ales are tasty but you get bored with them quickly? What about a black and tan to suit your needs? A black and tan is a beer blend of pale ale (or a pale lager if ale isn’t available) with a stout or porter floating on top of it. Think of it like a mixed ice cream without the ice…or cream but with alcohol and awesome. The blend is said […]

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  • Sam Smith Brewery: Nut Brown Ale

    Sam Smith Brewery: Nut Brown Ale

    If you’re looking for a top shelf beer, love a good brown ale, Sam Smith’s Nut Brown Ale is one of the best in the business. Prepare yourself for a silk smooth brown ale and for the sticker shock that follows. In New Hampshire, you’re looking at a 4-pack price of $10.99 for this lovely brew… and that’s your standard 333ml (12-oz) bottle size. What it does have, however, is a smooth well balanced taste and a rich red-brown color […]

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  • Beer: What Is A Hop?

    Beer: What Is A Hop?

    A hop is a plant, female hop flowers are used to flavor and stabilize a beer, but their also used for herbal medicines. We’re not concerned with medication, we’ll stick to the better topic: beer. These hop plants are native to the northern hemisphere and they’re female buds are used for making beer? Huh? Yes, if “marijuana” or “cannabis” comes to mind their is a good reason for it, they’re both from the same plant family known as Cannabaceae. Now […]

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