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  • Erdinger Dark Hefeweizen

    Erdinger Dark Hefeweizen

    If there is one great thing about beer recipes it’s the fact that they’re relatively ageless. Erdinger Weissbräu dates back to 1886 when the construction of their first brewery in Erding was written in the books. This Bayerisch (Bavarian) beer is your classy wheat style, bottom fermented brews with a thick dark body and malty taste. Unlike many popular wheat beers (Weißbier) Erdinger Dark is, in fact, very dark. I was surprised as I held the glass up to the […]

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  • Black and Tan: The Beer That Serves All

    Black and Tan: The Beer That Serves All

    Not extremely thrilled about drinking a full dark stout? Perhaps ales are tasty but you get bored with them quickly? What about a black and tan to suit your needs? A black and tan is a beer blend of pale ale (or a pale lager if ale isn’t available) with a stout or porter floating on top of it. Think of it like a mixed ice cream without the ice…or cream but with alcohol and awesome. The blend is said […]

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  • Beer: What Is A Hop?

    Beer: What Is A Hop?

    A hop is a plant, female hop flowers are used to flavor and stabilize a beer, but their also used for herbal medicines. We’re not concerned with medication, we’ll stick to the better topic: beer. These hop plants are native to the northern hemisphere and they’re female buds are used for making beer? Huh? Yes, if “marijuana” or “cannabis” comes to mind their is a good reason for it, they’re both from the same plant family known as Cannabaceae. Now […]

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