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  • Spaten Optimator – Munich Bier!

    Spaten Optimator – Munich Bier!

    Spaten Brewery is located in Munich Germany and is now owned by Spaten-Löwenbräu-Gruppe who I like to reference all the time by their great beer, Löwenbräu. However, Spaten (meaning Spade in German) is a beer which stands alone as a brand. So what’s up with the translation Spade? Looking closely at the label and you’ll see the symbol is two malt shovels (or spades); make sense now? Spaten is a beer which falls under the Reinheitsgebot, this is a German […]

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  • Flying Dog Takes Amateur Brewers Input

    Flying Dog Takes Amateur Brewers Input

    Flying Dog Brewery took some amateur brewers feedback and suggestions and built a new Dopplebock receipe. How does one go about opening the floodgates to suggestion? The Open Source Beer Project of course! Flying Dog is a brewery doing things I’ve not seen done before as a tech-guy. Many companies want a presence on the Internet so they register a domain and post some information about their beers. Many sites are also done up in full flash where Flying Dog […]

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