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  • Don Q Añejo Rum Review

    Don Q Añejo Rum Review

    Aged five to seven years, Don Q Añejo Rum pours a nice gold color, not exactly copper but double the darkness of the Don Q Gold. I’ve not had a lot of chances to try an Añejo aged rum so I’m pretty happy to be putting this liquid to the test. I’ll be drinking one glass neat (no ice) and a second with some water. Instead of ice, I’ll be using about a 1:5 ratio of water to Don Q […]

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  • Don Q Gold Rum Review

    Don Q Gold Rum Review

    Tonight I’m sipping a bit of Don Q Gold, a nice little rum with 140 years of history behind it. Don Q Gold is aged three to five years and shows a light gold color in the glass, much like a light pilsner beer. Just as I did with Don Q Cristal, I’m going to taste test it on ice and neat (without ice). Immediately upon pouring this gold beverage, I received potent scents rising throughout the room. I moved […]

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  • Don Q Cristal Rum Review

    Don Q Cristal Rum Review

    I’ve had far too few Puerto Rican rums but things will be changing this week, I’ve got a nice set of rums to taste from Don Q. Our first review, the Cristal, is a silver/white rum with a perfectly clear coloring. It’s amazing to see a rum that is between one and three years old be so crystal clear, apparently we know where it gets the name “cristal.” Of course, you can mix this spirit into a cocktail, as we […]

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