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  • Surfer on Acid Recipe [video]

    Surfer on Acid Recipe [video]

    Welcome to Sunday Night Shooters where we’ll pick a great shooter recipe for those that love to partake in the shot glass style of drinking. This week, the Surfer on Acid lands on the beaches with some sweet pineapple juice, a bit of jagermeister and Malibu rum to bring a tropical wind to your day. Check us out at Everydaydrinkers.tv to see the episode and leave some comments!

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  • The Pain Killer Recipe [video]

    The Pain Killer Recipe [video]

    The Pain Killer isn’t as potent as you’d think, by the name, but it’s very tropical and tasty. We’re huge fans of the coconut flavor from the Malibu Rum mixed up with some darker rum to add additional flavors merged with a pineapple and orange juice combination. This is a well balanced fruity tropical drink with refreshing flavors, a smooth juice texture with hints of coconut and rum, a pineapple wedge to garnish and you’ll want to run to a […]

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  • Captain Hook Recipe

    Captain Hook Recipe

    The Captain Hook is our first experiment with Redbull in a cocktail. A little Malibu Rum, a bit of goldschlager fill with Redbull. This was simply amazing as it changed the entire landscape of Redbull as we know it. Refreshing, Tropical and caffeinated. The Captain Hook Recipe was extremely tasty. We were pleasently surprised by how the Malibu rum and goldschlager changes up the Redbull taste. It’s definitely going to stimulate your metabolism!

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  • The Bahama Mama Recipe

    The Bahama Mama Recipe

    The Bahama Mama is a tasty tropical recipe containing a slight hint of Kahlua, a bit of dark rum, coconut rum and 151-proof rum. Sweetened with Pineapple juice and balanced with a bit of lemon juice. If you like a tropical coconut flavored drink with a very slight hint of coffee, the Bahama Mama is something you’ll want to try. The sweet pineapple juice is balanced against the sour lemon to create an exciting party in your mouth.

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