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  • Celebrate With Session Beers

    Celebrate With Session Beers

    This is the season to go outside, have barbeque’s and enjoy life with friends. I understand there are people around the world that enjoy the winter time, winter sports and bitterly cold weather, but for everyone else the spring and summer time is the time to kick back and get lazy. Need further proof? Many folks take their annual vacation in the summer time and enjoy time off from work and time with their families. This is a great time […]

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  • Wine For Dinner Parties, Beers for Bashes?

    Wine For Dinner Parties, Beers for Bashes?

    In the United States there is this perception that beer is for the frat party while wine is for a higher class dinner party. You don’t go to the bar and order a glass of Merlot just as you don’t go to a fancy Italian restaurant and order a bottle of Natty Ice. There is a time and place for each beverage… or is there? We choose to believe wine fits a specific aristocratic gathering while beer is used for […]

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  • Black and Tan: The Beer That Serves All

    Black and Tan: The Beer That Serves All

    Not extremely thrilled about drinking a full dark stout? Perhaps ales are tasty but you get bored with them quickly? What about a black and tan to suit your needs? A black and tan is a beer blend of pale ale (or a pale lager if ale isn’t available) with a stout or porter floating on top of it. Think of it like a mixed ice cream without the ice…or cream but with alcohol and awesome. The blend is said […]

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  • USDA Certified Organic Beers?

    USDA Certified Organic Beers?

    It’s all the rage. USDA certified organic products are cropping up everywhere in marketplaces across many industries. We’re not talking about a Kosher product exactly, but a certified and monitored crop which is considered organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. Why is this so important? Certain folks believe in using only all natural ingredients and the world governments are doing their best to guide business to follow a common set of rules (for the most part). “Requirements vary […]

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  • Stone Mill Pale Ale, An Organic Ale

    Stone Mill Pale Ale, An Organic Ale

    A refreshing pale ale, one of the most wide spread beer styles on the planet. How is Stone Mill Pale Ale differentiate itself against all other brands? It’s certified by the USDA as using 100% organic hops in the recipe. The big thing, lately, is to have “organic” in the name because it helps to sell to those that are against the use of chemicals and pesticides. USDA organic also means “the process” of which the farmer grows their products, […]

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  • JW Dundee’s American Pale Ale

    JW Dundee’s American Pale Ale

    If you’re into a beer with hops, this might be one to try! After reading up on our write-up explain what is a hop, you’ll have more fun enjoying this brew. I was taken by surprise when I was able to screw off the cap, not something I’d expect from a micro-brew style beer. However, not having a beer opener on me it was a pleasant surprise indeed. JW Dundee’s American Pale Ale is 5.3% alcohol by volume and JW […]

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