We once started as a basic audio podcast in which we talked about everything drinking (this explains the “everydaydrinkers” moniker) but has since formed into something HD-video related. Common Man Cocktails, the main focus and effort of our production is a show on how to make cocktails and we do it with enthusiasm and energy, like all things should be done.

Why Common Man Cocktails?

The show was inspired out of the fear and uncertainty of a cocktail recipe book. You open it, you look through its pages title by title but you just don’t know what to make within its endless text. The ingredients are all but foreign and you have no idea why you’d buy them, let alone know what it would look like and how it would taste. Common Man Cocktails exists to unravel the doubt, shed light upon the fear and show everyone that “any random person can make a cocktail.” How so? We do it and we’re just like everyone else, a “common man” making a cocktail.

Who is Derrick Schommer?

A father of two, I created a side-project called Common Man Cocktails and have worked to build its viewership over the last four years. I have learned a lot about social media, video production and community interaction. My empire is slowly growing, I’ve met tons of great brands and had a huge opportunity to try tons of great spirits.


I work as a FIeld Systems Engineer for a high-tech company for my day job. I pride myself in quality and let that quality show for itself. That high tech life-style has given me a chance to utilize some cool hardware and software and I try to utilize it in both my day job and cocktail show. Common Man Cocktails isn’t a full time job, it’s a job I live on the nights and weekends; maybe someday, but not now.


Aside from my family and friends, I try to get some time to play the guitar, playing video games and interacting with the community of fans I’ve built. My current favorite video game is World of Warcraft & Angry Birds. I only own Macintosh systems because I’ve given up on the Microsoft Windows and have transcended to something beautiful. For all else, I’ve got my iPad, iPod, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360.


I’ve been inspired by so many great personalities over the years, from Kevin Rose to Gary Vaynerchuck and I try to take a little of their talent and bring it into my work. Over the years I’ve realized I have some speaking chops and have done a few college presentations, inspirational thoughts and encourage others to work hard to become who they want to become, even if you don’t know who it is yet.

Favorite’s on TV. 

Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, Deadliest Catch, Daily Show and Colbert Report are all on the DVR schedule. I also enjoy watching vocalist/music reality shows like The Voice. Old school favorites: 80’s cartoons and the old WWF.

Favorite’s in Music.

Love me some Disturbed, Seether and Godsmack. I tend to lean towards heavier rock ever since being introduced to Alice in Chains. But, my youth was mainly focused on hair bands and such. Other loves include Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin and Paul Simon. Overall favorite musical artist is Billy Joel.

Favorite’s in Cocktails.

I will try anything, but my fallback plan for heading to the bar is a Whiskey Sour (although they’re usually made sub-par). Also enjoy a good margarita, piña colada or midori sour. Spirits, I go tequila, bourbon and a good dark rum. Also love Veev Acaí Spirit, Licor 43, Coole Swan Irish Cream and many others.


Thoughts on Alcohol/Alcohol Related Products

I believe one of the most important proverbs that exists in our life, “Everything in Moderation, even Moderation.” When it comes to alcohol and drinking the fact is, everything in moderation will help keep you safe. I don’t believe in telling someone what is good and not good for them when they do it right. None of our shows encourage excessive drinking and, as I tell fans that request it, I don’t get drunk just because “it’s cool.” I’ve moved on past that point in my life where excessive drinking makes any sense; sure, there are times when we get giddy and happy but we don’t go overboard. The shows we do reflect that same focus.

Drinking alcohol is much like eating fatty foods. You can do it in moderation but excessive consumption is unhealthy and often leads to bad results. You can have fun, just know your limit and always be safe–don’t drink and drive. Why don’t I state, “Drink Responsibly” in our videos? Because I don’t feel the need to add notifications that are common sense and obvious. Everyone knows to drink responsibly, they just have to practice common sense and stay safe.

To The Fans

The Common Man Cocktail fans are amazing. They’ve changed my opinion of humanity and what is possible when you’ve got people backing you as an internet video host. Besides the interaction and community, when we tell our fans about products and services they go and use them because we told them to do so! That type of power is pretty darn cool and scary at the same time. Everyday you have to consider, “I’ve got 11,000+ people that may hear this…” you have to always maintain your integrity, energy and enthusiasm even when you don’t really feel like it.

In Full Disclosure

Many of our reviews are done with samples sent from PR firms and brands. When this is the case, we make it known on our video show and text-reviews. We speak our mind and let the brands know what we really think of their products because it will, overall, help the fans understand and trust our judgement. If you’re looking for us to review your spirit, you can always Contact Us.

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