What is CMC all about?Do you review spirits/liquors?Are you a bartender?Do you teach bartending skills? Do you ever want to own a bar?

Short answer, about experiencing the taste of the cocktail from classic american pre-prohibition cocktails to late breaking party drinks and trendy spirits. Common Man Cocktails is a mood, a state-of-mind… a place you go to have a good time, potentially learn something about your taste buds and do it with no-frills, no style and no elegance.

Absolutely. We review many great products from bartools to spirits, liqueurs, soda’s, energy drinks and everything beyond. Sometimes you’ll see us review a beer.
No. (I just play one on youtube)
Nope. I’m not a bartender and, quite honestly, that’s a core fundamental skill you can learn from the ground up in the industry. Find a local bar or restaurant/bar and ask to become a barback. Get into the industry and learn how to wait on customers, efficiently serve drinks and keep the place clean. We are here to expand your knowledge on the portion of the job that’s the most fun: making cocktails.
No. Too much work, weekend hours, no interest, pass.

In Full Disclosure

Many of our reviews are done with samples sent from PR firms and brands. When this is the case, we make it known on our video show and text-reviews. We speak our mind and let the brands know what we really think of their products because it will, overall, help the fans understand and trust our judgement. If you’re looking for us to review your spirit, you can always contact Us.