Cocktail bitters have a rich history. The original definition of “cock-tail” by Harry Croswell in The Balance and Columbian Repository dated (1806) says a traditional cocktail is “spirits, sugar, water and bitters.”

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These crazy concoctions were barks, herbs, roots, and spices combined to solve but that all changed in the mid-1800s. Somewhere along the line these bitters were included in a mix for pleasure more than as an herbal remedy. However, the “cocktail” concept has existed out of necessity for a hundred years or more.

Simply put, cocktail bitters are the “salt & pepper” of your cocktail. Can you eat a hamburger without pepper or salt? Of course. Can you make a pasta sauce without basil, thyme or other herbs and spices? Sure you can…but isn’t it more exciting when you utilize spice?

Cocktail bitters can take a spirit which is deeply hidden in a cocktail and bring it out vibrantly. When balancing a cocktail, the additional bitters will enhance the potency and alcohol within the drink. The herbal tinctures within the bitters help drive some spirits center stage; it’s not because of the high proof concentration of the bitters, but the process of its integration that pops the spirit to the front.

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