The term cocktail glasses has been muddled over the years. When someone asks for cocktail glasses we assume they want the cocktail glasses used for a gin martini, martinez or a manhattan cocktail recipe

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A few of the pieces of glassware you should consider:

The Coupe Glass
Coupe glasses are usually short and squat. The coupe glass was also used for champagne prior to modern champagne flutes becoming the rage.

Nick & Nora Glass
The Nick & Nora Glass looks much like a miniature wine glass, holding 6 ounces of cocktail. You will find a wide variety of glasses called Nick & Nora but the original style (based on the Thin Man series that started Nick and Nora Charles) should look much like a dainty wine glass.

Martini Glass
The martini glass also designated a true cocktail glass is the upside down triangle-shaped cone glass design. The martini glass is probably one of the most inefficient uses of glassware ever invented.

Highball Glass
When we speak of a “highball,” this is typically a 12 ounce glass or larger that’s relatively tall. A highball glass can also be used as a water glass, ice tea, and serve as any standard drinking tumbler.

Collins Glass
The Collins glass, also called a chimney glass or, in some circles, a zombie, is tall and thin. It can be very hard to tell the difference between a highball glass and a collins glass. In general, you can note any tall glass as a collins or highball and nobody is going to look at you differently.

Rocks / Old Fashioned Glass
Perhaps the glass you see the most in classic movies containing hard spirits is that of the Old Fashioned glass. The old fashioned glass is simply a wide mouthed short glass.

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