Today we’re going to talk about Copper Moonshine Style stills using the fine quality stills at Steven Stillz to showcase a bit about how distillation works and how pot stills can differ from column/reflux stills.

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Steven Stillz:

You may be a hobbyist distiller, a professional distiller or in the market to understand more about copper stills for rum, whiskey, moonshine or whatever fun you have in mind. The legality is up to you to research (and drink safe and responsibly). However, if you’re in the market for a still it’s worth checking out Steven Stillz product line as he’s got a great quality copper moonshine style still complete with copper pipes, thumper and, of course, the actual pot still (and worm).

The electrical element that Steven Stillz sells is fantastic and highly accurate (we tested it). Electric stills are safer and are less likely to blow up because you don’t have open flame near high ABV. The copper quality is top notch, it’s 22 gage copper with non-lead silver welds and holds up to the stress and strain of distilling spirits–the weight of the copper still allows it to hold a great deal of wash!

A lead free still is important for surviving the experience and free shipping makes it even better. The experience of reading, learning and understanding how my favorite rums were made gives me a new appreciation when I buy a bottle. You wonder why your favorite whiskey costs so much? You want to know why an 8x distilled vodka is more expensive? Understanding the still is the first step to understanding the history of the spirit.

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