Today we show you how to make the jager bomb, or jäger bomb if you want to stay “official” to naming conventions. The Jager bomb is what they call a “bomb shot” in which you put a shot of something into a pint glass of something else…in this case, red bull.

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So, outside of simply showing you how to make a bomb shot, the jager bomb is really designed not to get you too drunk too quickly. Most bomb shots take one alcoholic product and “bomb” it into another alcohol product creating 2x the effect.

Historically the Jager Bomb has very little significance, but that will change as time continues to roll on. The Jager Bomb may not be a classic 30’s or 50’s cocktail by definition, especially considering Red Bull Energy Drink didn’t make its appearance until 1997, so this drink didn’t exist more than 20 years ago.

However, if you think about the Jager Bomb potentially being 15 years old, its growing some legs and will continue to be a bartender recipe request for years to come…usually when decision making has gone out the window.

Caffeine / Energy Drinks is always a cautionary tale, so doing do too much of these type of drinks, once is enough. So, drink responsibly when working the jager bomb recipe.

The Jager Bomb
– 1/2 can of red bull
– 1.5 oz. jagermeister

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