Today, let’s learn how to make clear ice cubes for cocktail. Beautiful clear ice makes for a great presentation in your drinks by allowing the drink to shine and not become distracted by ugly white ice.

To do this right, you’ll want a 5 quart cooler from Coleman and have a freezer (which shouldn’t be hard). Once you’ve got the cooler and someplace to chill it down, clear ice is only a few moments of preparation away.

Coleman FlipLid Cooler:

For the last few years people have been extremely curious with the clear ice methodology, which was first expressed by Camper English on his blog. Since then we’ve been hunting for efficient ways to make clear ice, clear ice spheres, clear ice blocks and any other way to garnish up our drinks with presentation.

The beauty of clear ice is it disappears within your cocktail and allows its true color to shine through. If you’re spending the time to make a sexy looking cocktail you want clear ice blocks to remove any distraction from the presentation. Having white ice just gets in the way of visuals.

We’re going to show you how to make clear ice for your bar or clear ice at home with a little bit of effort. Is it always worth your time to make clear ice for your cocktails? We think so, but if not, you can make clear ice for guests and events to show off your craft cocktail prowess!

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