Lets review five blanco tequilas, espolon, alma, siempre, jose cuervo tradicional, and 7 leguas. All 100% de agave blue weber tequilas, all aged under 2 months.

Blanco is a great category of tequila, it truly showcases the craft of tequila making as there is no place to hide, no long aged oak times to curb the flavor or dull the burn. Blanco’s can be pretty aggressive on burn factor, let’s see what we got here!

The breakdown looks like this:

Tequila: Alma de Agave Blanco
Nose: Salty, Lime, Sweet Agave, Pineapple, Vanilla
Taste: Toffee, Citrus, Agave, Banana, Spicy White Pepper, Medium burn-factor mid-palate with linger vanilla pineapple
Overall: Love the light sweetness, fruitiness and continued burn factor through and through.
Score: 9

Tequila: Siempre Plata Tequila
Nose: Earthy/Mineral, Sweet Potato, Agave, Grassy/Leafy
Taste: Lightly herbal/grassy, coconut, smooth, cotton candy, sweetness, no aggressive finish / burn-factor, light caramel finish
Overall: Great character, the earthy flavor is unique but I almost love a bit more sweetness of citrus / agave over mineral. But, everyone’s going to be different.
Score: 8.5

Tequila: Espolon
Nose: Sweet caramel, toffee, cotton candy, inviting aromas
Taste: Super light, a bit watered down, about 20% of what you smell is in the taste, not a huge amount of character, but nice finish that doesn’t burn very much. Subtle a hint of anise in the back-end.
Overall: Boring, but I pushed it up 1/2 star for parties where you need a cost effective solution and I would hate for you to buy into JC Gold by mistake and hate yourself for it later.
Score: 5.5

Tequila: Jose Cuervo Tradicional Blanco
Nose: Mineral, Mild Agave, Black Pepper, but not too too exciting
Taste: Classic agave flavor, good citrus, salt and fruitiness balanced against the agave with a light burnt caramel finish that ends without too much explosive potency. Even a bit sweet, closer to that of alma..like maybe it was influenced by sitting near it for a bit.
Overall: For the price, you’re getting exactly what you’d expect from tequila and nothing more. Great for margarita’s when guests come over or even a long island iced tea (thanks to the price).
Score: 6

Tequila: Siete Leguas
Nose: Warm and toasty agave, salt, caramel, buttery orange zest, mild earthiness
Taste: Mild vanilla, caramel, cooked pineapple, pine sap, spicy cracked pepper, muted mint notes, low burn factor, medium body mouthfeel
Overall: This tequila brings all the elements together, mineral, citrus, herbs, spice, toasty agave, vanilla…it is the sum of all other contenders in teh market I’ve ever found.
Score: 10

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