Cutty Sark brings a new bottle to the market known as “Prohibition Edition”, it’s 50% ABV (100-Proof). You’ll find it at the store in the USD $30 price range (plus or minus). The bottle design is classy, I like the basic black with a stand out white label that gives you the notion that you found it in your grandpa’s hidden chest in the basement.

Once you take a bit of a nosing of the Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition you get some striking black pepper notes with a bit of a lightly scented peat and some finished sweetness. The flavor brings a mix of black pepper and almost an “añejo tequila” like body with a bit of toffee / honey sweetness that doesn’t go overboard. While the sweetness should take over a bit it is repressed but the 100-Proof nature of this blended scotch whisky.

After a few sips (with a splash of water), you begin to pull out some of the peaty “smoke” notes that play on the palate around the mid-palate and into the finish. Unlike the original Cutty Sark which never really impressed me because of it’s light body and flavor, the Prohibition Edition brings some heavier notes that stand out with its sweet start, mellow flavorful mid-palate with those hints of smoke and a little hot back-end finish. At 100-Proof, you’d think this would wreck your face, but it turns out to be a well balanced spirit compared to its younger sibling “Cutty Sark” original.

At the end of the day, you’ve got a slow sipping light-to-medium weight blended scotch that will present a bit  more Isley notes than deep oak that you may get from some of its competitors. Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition makes its earlier releases seem a bit boring by comparison and will no doubt mix well in a cocktail as well as a sipper.

You run your Prohibition Edition over a whisky cube or ice sphere and you may find this is a bit too easy to drink; it will creep up on you so beware!

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