100,000 cases of Jagermeister Spice going into circulation and we have one here to review! This is, by far, the most highly requested review we have ever had and I finally got some time to go out and pick me up a Jagermeister Spice bottle.

Traditionally, Jagermeister has not had an expansion of their line before and “Spice” is their first voyage outside the classic recipe. You’ll find that where Jagermeister brings distinct herbal flavors along with a muted finish of fennel/anise, Jagermeister Spice takes it one step further with vanilla and cinnamon that will overcast the herbal roots (pun intended) of classic Jagermeister. Is that a bad thing? No, not really. It’s just different.

The cinnamon play comes in during the start of the sip with a sweet honey-like attack and a rolling cinnamon “holiday spice” that finishes with a light oak, vanilla and a minor fennel finish. The color really reflects the style of Jagermeister Spice, it arrives more copper in tone than that of the black jagermeister spirit just as the flavor tends to almost be a “watered down jagermeister” flavor profile.

Jagermeister Spice represents a more approachable alternative to the herbal-bom that is “Jagermeister.” Die-hard jager drinkers are going to probably frown upon this slightly sweeter alternative and be thankful it’s a limited edition release for the season. Personally, I think these jager fans need to open their minds to a spirited holiday product portfolio that will work great in some eggnog and compliment many drinks with its slightly less herbal compliments.

Costing the same as the orignal Jagermiester, I suggest you give their latest and only expansion on the brand a taste test for yourself. Remember, there is no harm in having a product that you can call upon when you just want something that tastes a bit more like… the holidays.

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