Penny Blue XO Single Estate Mauritian Rum is a mouthful of a title and, a mouthful of a sipping rum. This rum with an origin off the coast of Africa in the Mauritius Islands, is definitely more of a high-end product with a limited US distribution. The color is beautiful, as seen in our video, and the aroma that comes off the liquid is intriguing as it doesn’t scream “rum!”

The aroma of Penny Blue XO definitely reflects the barrel aged in american whiskey and French cognac oak casks, but I thought it had a bit of apple/fruit aroma flowing off it along with the aged oak. The complex aromas can be different for each person and I’m sure you’ll find something about the nose that will impress you and perhaps other notes we never caught–it’s got that type of complexity.

The mouth feel is silk; smooth and mildly mouth numbing feel that never ends with any real alcohol bite. Sure, you can tell Penny Blue XO is a distilled spirit but the taste is obviously designed as a spirit meant to be rolled around the palate entertaining your tongue in a solo situation–not used in a cocktail. The fruit flavor, a bit of a malt, a little fire on the cheeks with the oak profile of a cognac but a sweetness of a pure cane rum. The weight of this spirit reminds us of a high end Irish Whiskey or a single malt scotch–all about sipping!

The suggested retail price of Penny Blue XO is $79.99, so you’re going to want to respect this bottle once you bring it home as it will break the bank a bit as compared to what most people see in a rum. You will find that Penny Blue XO will change your idea of rum as it’s not just for pirates and sailors anymore.

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