Cruzan Velvet Cinn Review, Horchata and Rum

Rum and Horchata seem to be trending right now and we plan to ride the wave of awesomeness. We’ve had a chance to try cream tequila and we had been haunted for months to try RumChata from our fans and soon after that Cruzan contacted us about their Horchata and Rum cream liqueur called Velvet Cinn. It was too much to pass up!

Velvet Cinn brings that spicey carrot cake and cream like flavor with some cinnamon spice and all the things that remind me of the holidays. This smooth cream liqueur is great in the fridge as it yields a crisp creamy profile along with the spice holiday notes. Velvet Cinn will probably work great in substitute for many Irish Cream cocktails…not all mind you, but many. The more basic the cocktail the more Velvet Cinn will spice it up with greatness.

Cruzan has entered the cream market and, at USD $19.99 this product is priced right for experimentation and adoption. At this price point, you’re going to be able to find a great coffee cream liqueur substitute to other Irish Cream products along with bringing that nice unique holiday flavor for almost half the price of something like Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Toss a bit of chilled Cruzan Velvet Cinn in brandy snifter and do your own taste, what spice flavors do you get?

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  1. RumGod says:

    I Tried Velvet Cinn a few months ago & it was so Tasty . I for one will be buying this as My New Savory Drink for the Holidays. I can’t wait to mix this with my Eggnog lol But I also see no reason to Not Drink this Year Round. This stuff is Going to be a Regular in my House lol

  2. Peggy says:

    In July I picked up a bottle of Velvet Cinn in St. Thomas after tasting it in one of the liquor stores there. I LOVE IT!!! I’m really sorry I didn’t buy more as the one bottle is long gone. It’s difficult to find in Chattanooga, TN although a couple of liquor stores have ordered some for me. I tasted and purchased the RumChata at the same time and while it’s good, Velvet Cinn is my favorite. My husband just put a bottle of Cruzan Rum Cream in the ‘fridge to open tonight. I’m anxious to try Cruzan’s Key Lime Cream. I’ll bet it’s good, too. The current issue (Oct. 13) of Bloomburg’s has an article about RumChata, Velvet Cinn, and Bailey’s new vanilla cinnamon offering. Maybe these products will become more readily available soon. Hope so…..

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