Today we are tasting the Ivanabitch Vodka and seeing how it reviews on our palate. You can find a bottle of Ivanabitch between the price of USD$15-$20, which is a sweet price for the product but how will it meet up against our facehole?

Turns out, with such a lovely bright fennel like aroma coming off the nose immediately. The aroma was bright and striking on the nose and it plays through in the taste as the aroma brushes your nasal passage you take the sip. This neutral grain spirit isn’t as neutral as one would suggest, it does indeed have a nice flavor that reminds me of black licorice, every so muted.

The taste of Ivanabitch definitely has a nice crisp clean finish, warming medium bodied viscosity that does leave a bit of an ethanol finish but clears clean and crisp within seconds. Overall, Ivanabitch is a fantastic vodka for the price and has no sticky residue or oiliness to suggest sugar additives, just a solid product.