Smirnoff Sorbet Light is a lighter vodka alternative to a fully “calorie filled” vodka. Of course, with a distilled spirit that is cut with water and has some flavor the only real way to reduce the calories is to reduce the alcohol (cut with water some more), so you’ll find Smirnoff Sorbet Light coming in at 30% ABV. This is how you reduce the products calorie count, it’s pretty straight forward. However, how do you do it in such a way to continue to bring the flavor, such as the Mango Passion Fruit in this vodka.

That’s the trick.

So, the real question becomes how flavorful is Smirnoff Sorbet Light Mango Passion Fruit? The sweet flavors do come through in some degree, you get a minor bit of passion fruit flavor with a pretty good bombardment of mango. Overall, the complete sweetness of a flavored vodka is reduce quite a bit without losing too much of the fruit based flavor. You will also find the aroma fruity on the nose and still get a bit of vodka punch in the finish all without too much overly sticky sweet impact.

“Smirnoff Sorbet Light creates an array of incredibly delicious cocktails – so good, you would never guess that each vodka specialty is only 78 calories per 1.5 oz. serving. Infused with the natural, refreshing flavors of fresh-tasting berries, tart pomegranates, luscious mangos, juicy passion fruits and zesty lemons, Smirnoff Sorbet Light is available in three sorbet-inspired flavors: Smirnoff Sorbet Light Raspberry Pomegranate, Smirnoff Sorbet Light Mango Passion Fruit and Smirnoff Sorbet Light Lemon. This new guilt-free variety adds irresistible flavor for lighter tasting cocktails that don’t call for any sacrifice.” (Smirnoff PR Text)

Quite frankly, I don’t look at Smirnoff Sorbet Light as a “diet vodka” as much as a timid sweet flavor which allows you to bring mango and passion fruit into your cocktails without being sweet to the extreme–believe it or not everyone wants a super stomach turning sweet flavor to their cocktails. Folks that don’t like massive sweet still understand and request the a flavorful cocktail. If you’re looking for nice flavor without massive overly-sweet spirits you should checkout the flavors that Smirnoff Sorbet Light is now shipping, including the tasty Mango Passion Fruit vodka.

At our local NH liquor store, you can pickup a bottle for USD $11.99 which means you should be able to get the Smirnoff Sorbet Light products in the US for under $18.


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