Jose Cuervo Especial is garbage, and we’re going to explain why. In a nutshell, 51% of anything is only half what is advertised. But, you get what you pay for and it is no different with Jose Cuervo Especial.

Why do I have such a passion for making it clear what you’re getting when you buy cheap ass tequila like Jose Cuervo Especial? Because Tequila can be some of the most flavorful and unique spirit on the market today. It’s got a rich history, a deep sets of rules and regulations that define it’s heritage and what can and cannot be Tequila (unfortunately the 51% loophole is part of the “rules”.) Sure, Jose Cuervo is the first Tequila company to go to market, but that doesn’t mean they’ve taken the torch they picked up and carried it to a great future. The problem I have with Jose Cuervo is that they should be enriching the lives of all tequila drinkers by spreading the message of a real tequila.

The message of Tequila is very simple, explaining to your consumers why 100% de Agave is important and why drinking a rich flavorful tequila expands your experiences with the lovely liquid should be priority one. Telling consumers why spending a bit more to buy a real tequila by the manufacturer that defined the market is not an option, it should be a requirement. Instead, we have people ordering dirty awful Jose Cuervo Especial and their end experience is “I don’t really like tequila, but it’s cheap and gets you drunk.”

Really? Perhaps people would consider being more responsible with their tequila if they had to pay a bit more to get a quality product. Perhaps they’d walk away with a good experience rather than, “meh, tequila is pretty crappy, I’ll stick with vodka or rum.” Many people go through life completely ignorant of the fact that they’ve never had real tequila and all the get is 51% real liquid and a few nasty headaches. On top of it, they’ve left Patron to pickup the pieces and offer the only real tequila in most people’s minds and that’s also sad. Patron has decided to gouge the market on pricing of their tequila when other great silvers come in for half the price and double the heart and soul.

If Jose Cuervo would pickup that touch and preach great tequila at a mid-level price they’d destroy Patron and create a new audience of real tequila drinkers.

You like headaches and awful tasting fake tequila? Perhaps this is the product for you! But, this is just my opinion, you can choose for yourself.

Remember, mixto is a no no as is oro.


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