Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum Review

Tasting Notes: Rich and sweet brown sugars mingled in oak, coffee, vanilla with a spicy kick including allspice, cinnamon and muted peppermint notes.

I am a firm believer that Captain Morgan Black is the product Captain Morgan Original tried to live up to but fell short of ho-hum boring. The original offering leaves you yearning for more spicy to match that of the Kracken‘s, Cruzan 9’s, Lash’s and Black Beard’s of the world. While “original” has been around forever and is the go-to spirit with coke it falls way short of the flavorful experience of the newer brands.

Then arrives Black from Captain Morgan and life indeed changes in the field of spiced rums. This product, modestly priced between around USD $18 and USD $25 depending on US region and tax situation, brings in a killer spice that reminds me of the holidays. This is like the Christmas spiced rum bread winner of the world because it seems to bring lightly muted notes of peppermint along with some oak-like coffee flavor in a medium bodied little bundle.

Captain Morgan looks to indulge the phrase: Once you go black… you know how it ends.

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  1. Francois says:

    I think the main problem with ice is the fact than you can’t control the amount of water there’s in the glass. When I have a good scotch or cognac, I poor about 1oz and it takes me about one hour to empty my glass. With ice, my drink would be wasted after after about 30 minutes. I’m sorry if I bothered you with my comment last time :/
    I was thinking about purchasing a bottle of rum next week, maybe I’ll try Captain Morgan :) But I was wondering, is Myers good stuff ? Thats pretty bad 151 is not available in my country.

  2. dschommer says:

    You did not bother me, it’s just when I get the same comment on youtube by 10 different people that don’t bother to read the comments before them and respond with the exact same thing :)

    When I drink my whiskey/scotch “on the rocks” I use a round piece of ice that melts slowly over time because it’s got such a large surface area. As for Myers, I’ll have to go re-check. I had a bottle of Meyer’s Dark rum around here, but for the life of me I can’t find it. I thought we used it for our dark rum tasting on but I seem to be at a loss…

  3. Francois says:

    I never read youtube comments, this website’s way better :)
    You mean you use a kind of ice ball ? Isn’t it hard and annoying to drink with such a large piece of ice in the glass ?
    Damn, there’s dozens of great rums, I heard Myers is great for tiki drinks.

  4. dschommer says:

    Well, the more popular video’s on youtube (30k+ views) tend to have the meanest comments as the douchebag level goes up as more viewers hit the video :)

    The ice takes up almost the entire glass, but I’ve never noticed it being annoying, it fits so well it doesn’t roll out and hit you in the face. Considering I’ve never even thought of it being an annoyance that tells me it must not be annoying. Next time I’ll be more conscious of it and see if I notice it getting in the way.

    It’s also way fun to pour the liquid right over the top and have it slide around into the glass, it’s chilled almost immediately :)

  5. Francois says:

    Liquid cocaine, first comment : ” why dont you rename your channel to alcoholics ” 😀
    Even when the piece of ice gets smaller, it doesn’t roll out ?

  6. Gantz says:

    Great. Vid just got a bottle of black the flavor really last good stuff! :)

  7. dschommer says:

    Nice! Glad you like it, it’s pretty good compared to its “dad” :)

  8. Gantz says:

    Have you done a review on Pyrat rum it’s good to but as for black rum this is tops for me kraken is second

  9. dschommer says:

    No Pyrat yet, I wanted to give Patrón’s rum company a chance, just keep forgetting. I can’t get ’em to send us anything to review so I have to go hunt it down.

  10. Gantz says:

    Well I hope you can it’s good another good rum is Plantation Rum Barbados it’s hard for me to get. It’s really got a good taste

  11. Chateau says:

    Still the best by far Spiced Rum for the money is Sailor Jerry’s. 92 proof for only $15. So smooth straight you don’t even want to add cola. give it a try. Pyrat is also a great dark rum straight.

  12. Dennis says:

    Don’t forget the international Captain Morgan Black Label which isn’t available in the US or Canada.

  13. Josh says:

    This is about as high you can go in alcohol content and still enjoy the drink.

  14. Theroha says:

    Captain Morgan Black was my first rum and first spirit. I’ve tried tequilas, whiskeys, scotch, and liqueurs; I even bought some quality Appleton Estates rum recently. The only thing that I’ve tried that matches the strong, bold flavors of Captain Black has been my various liqueurs. Maybe my taste buds are just a little muted and unable to pick up the subtleties of the finer spirits, but I love how this stuff isn’t afraid to yell out, “Here I am!!! Can you taste that?!?! It’s vanilla!!! Hold on!!! Here comes some caramel now!!!”

  15. dschommer says:

    worthy assessment, things that scream out are some of the more popular ones as well

  16. Dennis says:

    I have to disagree with this review. First off, Captain’s Original does not fall short when compared to Black, it’s the same flavor with a lot more alcohol! IMO, the original taste much better and smoother, I tend to use Black only when mixing ie; buttered rum, rum and coke, Jamaican Sunset and so on… However, to be honest The Captain just doesn’t really do it for me, my preference is Sailor Jerry. Sailor Jerry has a GREAT taste and the kick to make it a worth while rum. Another great spiced rum I enjoy when I’m not really looking for the kick is Cruzan 9… it has a nice smooth vanilla flavor. Enjoy and drive safe;)

  17. dschommer says:

    Thanks for writing in Dennis. You don’t have to agree with our assessment, I’m cool with that. I just find original spiced rum lacking in so many dynamics, it’s as closed to spiced water as I’ve ever tasted since having Black and about five other spiced rums from Cruzan 9 to Blackbeard. Not too huge on sailor jerry’s, not bad, just not my favorite.

  18. Og says:

    Tried to reproduce Black starting from Appleton VX.

    Vanilla (fresh, lots)
    orange peel
    Anise (liiiiittle bit)
    and something roasted or woody enough to compensate for the aging (used 2 grains of coffee)

    Still lacked the caramel part of the equation. Tried molasses, brown sugar, even flambeing a part and putting it back in, always fell short of the real deal. Somehow the sweet fermented cinnamon bun like flavor kept evading me. Until 2 days ago FLASH!!! BAM!!!! Strike of genius!

    Dumped in half a cup of raisins same, same of dried figs = awesome. Now it’s just a matter to play with dried currants, figs, maybe dates, and have some fun.

  19. Pat Halstead says:

    To add to the conversation, we have Blackheart locally. It is a spiced rum, but despite its name, not a dark rum. It has a strong Dr. Pepper profile which may be good or bad but no argument about price, being as much as $5/fifth less than Tattoo or Sailor Jerry. I also would suggest Cruzan’s Black Strap, a personal favorite.

  20. Thatgirl says:

    Hi Derrick, I’m wondering if you could create an easy, delicious, make ahead recipe inspired by Mudder’s Milk as featured in the episode Jaynestown of Joss Whedon’s tv show Firefly. I’m hosting a “shindig” in a few weeks and would love to have little 8oz mason jars on ice, ready to serve. I’d be grateful for the help. Thanks!

  21. dschommer says:

    Probably not, I’ve not really had to the time to create every recipe we’ve had requested (usually we get like 3 to 10 a week). I just don’t have those type of resources handy.

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