Senior Curaçao of Curaçao Review

Tasting Notes: Smooth mouthfeel with a sweet citrus flavor not too unlike that of a lemon-lime soda with a zesty orange peel bite. The sweet flavors are not overdone and compliment the smooth medium-body mouthfeel with an overall natural citrus orange “peel” finish.

Orange liqueur taken to a new level, the zesty flavors of Senior Curacao blows away all mid-priced orange liqueur and competes right up there with the more expensive brands. The beauty of this curacao over many other brands is the natural “bite” you get from the essences within this spirit. More in tune with the real Laraha fruit, the bitterness exhibited from Senior Curacao’s Curacao brings you closer to the heritage of the Curaçao island.

When I try other curacao brands I get a super sweet orange liqueur that reminds me of a blue version of a $9 triple sec. When I taste Senior Curaçao of Curaçao I taste an intellectual orange liqueur that brings sweet orange citrus with a pith and peel bite. This is a product that mingles in a cocktail well and shows itself through the flavors of a multi-spirit cocktail recipe.

Senior Curaçao of Curaçao doesn’t just bring blue to a cocktail, it brings flavor. For USD $25-29 this product stands up to its price and makes you wonder if you really must spend more for the higher priced brands.