Tasting Notes: Rich and sweet brown sugars mingled in oak, coffee, vanilla with a spicy kick including allspice, cinnamon and muted peppermint notes.

I am a firm believer that Captain Morgan Black is the product Captain Morgan Original tried to live up to but fell short of ho-hum boring. The original offering leaves you yearning for more spicy to match that of the Kracken‘s, Cruzan 9’s, Lash’s and Black Beard’s of the world. While “original” has been around forever and is the go-to spirit with coke it falls way short of the flavorful experience of the newer brands.

Then arrives Black from Captain Morgan and life indeed changes in the field of spiced rums. This product, modestly priced between around USD $18 and USD $25 depending on US region and tax situation, brings in a killer spice that reminds me of the holidays. This is like the Christmas spiced rum bread winner of the world because it seems to bring lightly muted notes of peppermint along with some oak-like coffee flavor in a medium bodied little bundle.

Captain Morgan looks to indulge the phrase: Once you go black… you know how it ends.