Review: Mike’s On The Rocks Hurricane – Long Island Ice Tea

Hurricane Tasting Notes: Mike’s On The Rocks Hurricane brings a nice berry aroma and an initial carbonation blast in your mouth with a mild lime/citrus flavor followed by a kiwi/cranberry “dark berry” profile. Easy drinking very little alcohol flavor in the finish.

The hurricane is definitely fruity and hides the 8% ABV very well. There is an overflow of carbonated sweetness that may be easier for a person that doesn’t care too much for heavy alcoholic cocktails. Mike’s On The Rocks is definitely targeting the female demographic with this beverage because it’s both simple, sweet and brings a bit of an 8% kick to the table.

Long Island Ice Tea Tasting Notes: Mike’s On The Rocks Long Island Ice Tea brings a dark sweet tea brought on with lemon bite in the finish. Unlike the Hurricane, the Long Island Ice Tea doesn’t hide its alcohol as well.

You don’t get the “five whites” flavor of a true Long Island but this does bring a bit more tea factor than that of a true Long Island Ice Tea which only brings the color of tea, not the flavor. It slides so much into the tea realm I almost wanted more out of the On The Rocks offering in the way of true tea flavor even if the original cocktail takes its name from Tea over such a flavor. The lemon bite is the citrus profile of choice where I think the Hurricane really screams lime.

If you had to choose between On The Rocks Hurricane and On The Rocks Long Island Ice Tea I would lean towards hurricane for those with a sweet tooth and Long Island for those looking for a bit more of the wild side of cocktail life. While neither yields a true potent punch the Long Island has a more difficult time hiding the vodka-like finish.

Why would you choose Mike’s over making your own home grown cocktail? Obviously those looking for straight laziness factor but that’s not our audience. Our audience tend to be the cocktail builders of the world but when we visit a friends house we’re not always packing five distilled bottles of gin, tequila, vodka, rum and other great spirits… we want to ride light. This is a great product to swing buy and pickup on the way to a party and would make a great backup cocktail if you find the party is full of beer and wine but no cocktail love.


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  1. teckdeck2008 says:

    I have always wanted to try those but never have. I guess I there’s just so many things I’m more interested in trying.

    Qotd: As I mentioned above I’m not much into the drinks like Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I prefer to drink a beer or wine which is much tastier and can get to almost anyone’s preference at a reasonable price. But I’m drinks like this have their place sometimes.

  2. dschommer says:

    As long as you know they’re out there to try, hopefully our video gave you some insight and you can live through us :)

  3. raul says:

    Now granted….we are talking about flavored malt liquor here… I don’t know what the other critics have been jamming up their noses…but that fragrant berry aroma that first hit you is a full on Hubba Bubba bubblegum odor…….once the top ‘berry’ note passes…all I am left with is an artificial Bitters flavor….oh and when they put ‘On Ice’ on the label….they aren’t kidding…do not try this warm….even chilled it was tough rinsing the taste out of my mouth….

  4. dschommer says:

    Raul, sounds like you’re not a fan. I brought them to a party the day after I reviewed ’em and everyone consumed all the Hurricane ones. They loved them; the Iced Tea ones didn’t go as fast.

  5. Had a craving for a Long Island and grabbed a 4 pack. No complaints so far (but I’m only 1 in). There is hardly any alcohol taste, which could prove to be dangerous BUT that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Tonight’s AFU should be interesting!!

  6. dschommer says:

    Well, if you’ve had anything else to drink (especially a beer with a little bit of hop in it), this is going to taste sweet like water :)

  7. Thomas says:

    These r da bomb, they do the trick, they r filled to the brim, my compliments to mike!!!!

  8. Thomas says:

    They r beast a little drunk off 6!!

  9. anna says:

    Just had a long island and about to crack open a hurricane. loved. the long island almost gave me the feeling of being at the bar

  10. dschommer says:

    Nice, glad you enjoyed it as we did.

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