Coole Swan Irish Cream Review

Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur

Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur

It just dawned on me today, for all my video talk on Coole Swan Irish Cream, we’ve never given it a formal text-based review. So, it only seems right to sit back with a glass of Coole Swan, two ice cubes and give it a try. Without a doubt, the first impression is going to revolve around the color, it’s the lightens of an almond milk, white with a slight yellow hue–maybe more like an eggnog.

While pouring, it does not create an intense aroma, nor does the act of simply adding ice; bringing your nose up to the glass yields a nice crisp vanilla cream profile with just a hint of cocoa. I can’t say the aromas that rise out of the glass are extremely potent or bright, leaving just a bit of subtle flavor. While I’m all about aroma value as making a great first impression, it doesn’t hit your face with a bunch of alcohol heat either, so the mild nose is acceptable.

It is in my opinion that Coole Swan is best served living its life out in your refrigerator even if it can sustain life at room temperature. My two ice cubes take a considerable time to really chill this thick cream to the level of a cool fridge but that is really just a suggestion not a requirement. The texture of Coole Swan is thick and silky across your tongue leaving a little thin blanket of chocolate as you swallow. There is an ever so mild Irish Whiskey tickle on the tongue but it never finishes in the potent biting burn that almost every other Irish Cream gives you.

For texture, I would make the comparison to a shaken heavy cream with a mild amount of chocolate syrup added. That’s the closest comparison I can come up with, but normal cream wouldn’t yield that flavorful vanilla and chocolate finish. Perhaps the single malt Irish Whiskey they utilize hides its alcohol well or maybe the sheer thickness and flavor palate of vanilla and chocolate mask any intense heat that would otherwise numb your tongue and make you say, “woah” five seconds after you sip it.

Fans of our show, Common Man Cocktails, have heard it before but I’ll say it again. There is no doubt in my mind that the flavor profile, textures and overall quality make Coole Swan Irish Cream the best damn Irish Cream liqueur on the planet today. I have had dozens of brands and all their varieties of flavor from Caramel to Coffee and none hold a candle to this product yet.

I say “yet” because Coole Swan has indeed raised the bar to our Irish Cream expectations and now someone else has to come along and try to beat it. Will it happen? It could, but it’s going to require another intense quality product in order to come close. These guys know exactly what they have and I have not recommended Coole Swan to a single person and have them tell me I am wrong.

This “common man” doesn’t need to give gold metal awards to know what he’s drinking. You want to seek this out, drink it, and leave a comment on your thoughts.