How To Make The KC Tea

This recipe was highly in demand so we had to get it done soon. This is a fan favorite and includes: 2 oz. Hennessy Cognac, a squeeze of lemon all topped with sprite. Sorry for the delay on the video, an emergency at home kept us away.

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  1. TotalKaosE says:

    Yeah, its KC like Kansas City. Tech N9ne came up with it, and he’s a rapper from Kansas City MO.
    Good stuff. thanks for the video!

  2. Rybar says:

    white people.
    Its made by T9ne.
    not Kasey.


  3. Heather Parsley says:

    Thanks for the video, Tech N9ne is my favorite rapper and he made KC Tea famous and also another drink called Caribou Lou. If you didn’t like KC Tea a lot you will like Caribou Lou. Tech N9ne has made a song for both these drinks and he tells you how to make them as well. Caribou Lou is like: “151 Rum, Pineapple juice, and Malibu, Caribou make them all numb, make baby girl come outta her shell and raise hell, don’t stop till the cops come.” Gonna try KC Tea tonight for the first time. Thanks guys!

  4. Cole says:

    TECH N9NE!

    I like to drink it in a real big wine glass
    At my place full of women lettin time pass
    With Hennessey sprite and lemon baby im as
    Drunk as skunk but a second one im on ya fine ass!

  5. andrew says:

    Kansas City is my home town

  6. bill says:

    white people. Smh

  7. 816 boi says:

    Ey ey dont mix up tha white boiz im white and blastin tech all day in here man sippin on mai kc tea and slammin some carabou lou hell yea boi Tech n9ne!!!!!

  8. Donivin says:

    free pour the henny, then lemon and fill the rest sprite …

  9. 913!!! says:

    KC Tea, as made famous by Tecca Nina’s (Tech N9ne) song ‘KC Tea’. And yes, KC stands for Kansas City, REPPIN THAT 913!

  10. 816!!! says:

    816 is better! 816 Boys!

  11. Jordan says:

    What about the kind of glass it goes in? If you listen to the song, that’s a crucial point in the recipe. Gotta drink it like Tecca Nina the King lol and it can be done with lemon OR lime juice. I prefer mine with lime, my bf prefers lemon..

  12. dschommer says:

    I don’t listen to the song, this was a submitted recipe :)

  13. Jake says:

    Tech N9ne’s new album, Something Else, comes out in June. I can’t wait. Kc tea is good too.

  14. bryan says:

    you didnt make this right if you taste the cognac. this drink seriously is the best out there if mixed right. when i make it i use a pint glass. i dont pour all the cognac right away. i pour a shot of hennessey. add some sprite. add some lemon. then add the other shot of cognac, then top it off with sprite and another spritz of lemon. amazing everytime.

  15. dschommer says:

    Sorry, I do tend to like the concept of tasting the cognacs and other spirits used within a drink. Otherwise, I can just drink it without cognac and have sprite and juice. Of course, the thought would be “but that won’t get you DRUNK!!” But, for those that know us, we’re here to experience flavorful cocktails, not to “get drunk”

  16. mike says:


  17. mike says:


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