Devotion Vodka Review

Let’s get right into this review and hit it off with the most obvious stand-out niche for Devotion Vodka: Protein. Devotion is calling their product the first protein infused vodka by stating, “Devotion Vodka Infused with Casein is the world’s first and only 80 proof, triple-distilled casein infused vodka made in the USA. The secret lies in the PeptoPro® patent-protected enzyme that reduces the typical bitter taste at the same time as generating tiny protein fragments (so-called peptides) that are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and so fuel the muscles.” (

Do we need a niche product like a protein infused vodka? Technically, the best diet for working out would not contain alcohol but everyone likes to break away and party every now and again, right? I’m not a work-out type of person and my schedule is a bit busy for that lifestyle right now. I respect it, but I don’t see it happening to me.. I jumped into this review asking myself, “would I specifically buy a protein infused vodka because of the protein?” My answer: no.

But, it doesn’t end there. That’s too easy.

I’ve had my share of vodka’s to review and most have the very same properties: clear, clean, tasteless and fully complete with explosive ethanol finish. With those properties, I always look for the best vodka for my money since I’m not getting any taste with my spirit. Devotion Vodka stands out in more ways than protein infusion–it stands out in unique taste as well. What Devotion brings to the table is something with flavor that isn’t itself “flavored.” This vodka has a huge smoothness to it, a medium bodied thickness almost mimicking that of a reposado tequila with a finish that reminds me of Saké.

My first sip was warm and inviting; the first vision I had in my head was that of a clear saké (as opposed to the cloudy variant.) The finish was very clean and crisp with a mild burn that mainly targets the flat of the tongue and leaves behind this starch-like rice flavoring.  Devotion Vodka has a unique scent as well, a chalky sweet cocoa powder.

I understand Devotion‘s idea of creating a niche for their vodka brand to really stand out as a unique product all wrapped in a USD $29.99 price tag. We’ve got thousands of flavored vodka’s and “five-time distilled” vodka’s but we’ve got very few that have a stand-out flavor that can be called its own. In a tasting competition there is no doubt you’ll be able to find the Devotion Vodka brand. While the price may be a bit high, when buying online, Devotion Vodka isn’t much more expensive than the highly marketed brand all while bringing an actual drinking experience unique to its label.

My hopes for Devotion in the future is that they find a way to not only focus on the protein infusion aspect, but force the point: this is a vodka with flavor that isn’t flavored.