Republic Tequila – Organic Anejo Tequila

Añejo Tequila is one of my favorite styles of the spirit and I take it extremely seriously and I can be critical when it comes to a review. Republic Tequila brings their own Organic Añejo to the party and I’m going to sit down with it and see how it tastes. I’ll also be tasting it with a baseline of what I consider the best Añejo on the market: Riazul Añejo.

Republic Tequila’s Organic Añejo pours slightly gold, a bit lighter than I had expected for an Añejo but the color doesn’t always speak to the full age and maturity of the spirit. Against other Añejo’s, like our Riazul poured beside this glass, it’s still slightly lighter in color but slightly darker than their younger sister tequila Republic Tequila Reposado.

On the nose, I got some light oak mingled with agave and pineapple with a slightly sweet structure and some spicy white pepper. Some of the flavors where a bit muted but no one flavor cut through and took over the tequila’s bouquet. Even when diving my nose right into the glass I didn’t get an overall pronounced alcohol burn in the nasal passages which is nice and unexpected.

Sipping this añejo brings a light attack, medium body with a mild pineapple mid-palate and an aged oak and vanilla cream finish that ends clean and very with little burn on the throat. You do get a bit of spicy pepper as the liquid rolls around in your mouth which can be confused with a “burn” but it doesn’t have the potency to live up to a stronger over-alcohol balanced explosion of pure alcohols. This spice makes me think the añejo would pair after a nice spicy Mexican dish or perhaps bring a more dull dinner to life.

Against the Riazul, I found that most of the overall flavors where slightly muted with less to be “found” through the drinking experience. It seems you’ll get most of the experience within the first glass but that isn’t without its benefits. While tasting it I had the opportunity to share both the Riazul with a few family members that were visiting to gather their thoughts.

A great example of taste differences occurred between my wife and her sister whom both tried the añejo’s and both gave me their separate opinions without talking to each other first. My wife shared my thoughts of less potent flavors, both leaning more towards the Riazul while my sister-in-law thought Republic Tequila was the better product because of its more tame attack and clean finish.

The lesson here is that all palates are different and those that may enjoy Republic Tequila may be those that are looking for a more straight forward mature product of great quality that doesn’t leave a harsh ending. It would be unfair to call Republic Tequila Añejo an introductory aged tequila because there will be plenty of tequila fans that will be overjoyed by the experience. However, it is fair to say that new tequila drinkers will probably find its presentation suited for their palate and exceed their expectations compared to the tequila they’re used to drinking.

For my personal tastes, I was hoping for something a bit more complex with perhaps a chocolate or caramel or slightly sweeter component to the nose and taste. You’ll find Republic Tequila Organic Añejo, made from 100% Blue Agave, for sale at around the USD $46 yo USD $50 price point. You’ll find weaker less impressive brands, Patrón is a great example,  for more money than this Añejo and, if given the choice, Republic Tequila should be your spirit of choice. They go above and beyond the over-marketed brands by bringing more passionate organic feel to the tequila and less leaflets and fliers.

Tequila should stand on its own without the hype or over-the-top marketing and Republic Tequila pulls that off nicely.

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  1. Texas Rick says:

    Hello Derrick!

    Well, while I sit down here in Texas, making home made margaritas, with your excellent Perfect Margarita recipe, I see you have a new Organic Tequila. Will have to give that a try.

    We are already using Organic Blue Agave Nectar in our ritas, with the Cavalino Reposado Tequila……still waiting on their Anejo to be released.

    All I need now is some Organic Gran Marnier! :)

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I believe the anejo is already released, i’ve not heard from them in quite some time though. Organic Grand Marnier…yeah, probably not gonna find that :)

  3. I will have to check the liquor store again. Last time they did not have the Anejo yet.

    Maybe I can find an organic liquor that I like as much as Grand Marnier.


    PS – Man it is hard to type replys on your site, due to the color of the type being white on a light background. Of course I am old! :)

  4. what browser is it? It’s white background with black text on all the browsers I’ve tried.

  5. Windows IE. I try using another browser.


  6. Texas Rick says:

    Using Mozilla Firefox. Black text, much better. Internet Explorer has white text on a light background. Almost impossible to see.


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