Everyday Drinkers Podcast 33: Brown Ale Rewind

Once upon a time we covered Brown Ale‘s on the show on November 26th 2007, one year ago today. It’s been a few years since then and we’ve learned a lot, found some friends that share the brown ale experience and wanted to re-cast this episode in stone. This episode covers more brown beers than ever before with a cast ready to consume them and laugh while doing it.

We’re covering: Abita Turbodog, Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale, Smuttynose Old Brown Dog, Newcastle Brown Ale, Brooklyn Brown Ale, Harpoon Brown Session Ale, Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale,  Pig’s Ear, Sabego Brown Ale and a few others.

This episode we have Luke (our podcast producer) and Mike from BeerGeno.me to bust through some brews with us.