Beautiful Absinthe Spoons, The Review


Wormwood Leaf Absinthe Spoon

Since discovering Absinthe, I’ve found the preparation to be quite fun when it comes to working with the spirit. While most accessories aren’t required many are preferred because it makes preparing absinthe easy and fun. Once you’ve got yourself an absinthe fountain, such as the low-cost one we’ve reviewed already or a more fancy alternative such as the Rozier Fee Fountain (which I’ll review later) you’ll want a neat spoon to trick out and accessorize your louche experience.

There are many spoon styles to choose from in a range of prices. I’ve started by trying some introductory spoons, such as the one that came with my bottle of La Fée Absinthe, and now I believe it’s time to move onto something a bit more fancy with a higher class quality and presentation. What I’ve got in my hands are few 24k Gold Plated absinthe spoons, imported from France by Let’s face it, if you’re going to be absinthe accessories of any quality, the Internet is the place to shop for this current niche product line.

There is no doubt in my mind a lower priced spoon will function just as well as a 24k Gold Plated Toulouse Lautrec Spoon. Yet there is a lot to be said for style and elegance and this USD $39.99 spoon holds both these qualities in a very heavy weight spoon (about double the weight of my basic silver absinthe spoons). Like regular kitchen accessories, some folks like their utensils of a higher grade and quality even though a standard lower-end utensil functions the just as well; the same can be said for absinthe preparation.


Toulouse Lautrec Absinthe Spoon

The edges on the Toulouse Lautrec Absinthe Spoon have are refined and smooth where the cheaper silver spoons have harder edges that are a bit rough against the skin. The same can be said for a few of the other gold plated spoons such as the Bistro spoon (USD $36.99) and one of the coolest spoons, the Wormwood Leaf Spoon.

When you start getting into absinthe accessories you’ll find yourself purchasing above-average to expensive tools that reflect your own personality. Perhaps you’re into practicality and want a more general design or maybe you’d rather go fancy with etchings and carvings; there is a spoon to fit everyone.

I’ve found has some extremely neat imported spoons that mirror the historic designs of old while bringing new grace and beauty to the absintheur in all of us. You can buy a low cost USD $19.99 absinthe spoon but you’ll not feel proud to hand that down through the family; many of these spoons can easily become a collectors items passed down from generation to absinthe-drinking generation.


Bistro Absinthe Spoon

Next time, we’ll take a closer look at a fancy absinthe fountain and a bunch of very neat glass designs that can enhance your absinthe drinking experience. Are they needed? No, you can work absinthe magic without all these nice accessories just like you can stir a cocktail without a bar spoon or make a margarita in a standard glass tumbler. Sometimes creating a spirit is as much about the mood as it is the flavor.

What mood are you in?