Bazooka Joe Shooter Recipe [video]

The Bazooka Joe shooter is another party drink, serve it at parties and see what people think. It’s not extremely dangerous (alcohol-wise) but it’s a fun tasting game. Although it’s blue it will give you the sensation of Bazooka Joe bubble gum on the back-end of the palate as the drink finishes…for most people at least. FYI, I mentioned the Partida contest wrong in the video, go to (not .com)

What drink can you invent that tastes like something you’ve had before?

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  1. Shawn says:

    We found another recipe that creates a very realistic Bazooka bubblegum flavor:

    3oz Bacardi Lim├│n
    8oz Red Bull

    And that’s it, we played around with the proportions a little bit to really nail down the flavor, and once we did it was spot on. Unfortunately I don’t remember the final recipe, but it’s pretty close to the original proportions.

    I was really surprised to see that your recipe had such different ingredients with a similar result. Kinda makes you wonder what was in that bubblegum huh?

    The one year anniversary of this podcast is coming up, maybe that’d be a good time to try this recipe out?

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