Everyday Drinkers Podcast: Interview with Riazul Tequila’s Inaki Orozco

riazul-anejoThe Tequila industry is growing at a rapid pace and we’re seeing new brands entering the market every week. What can a brand do to separate itself from the other premium tequilas and how can they build momentum with the cluttered shelf space at retail stores? Stand tall, be unique and build relationships with individuals one person at a time.

Riazul is one such company and Inaki Orozco and his team are showing us how a modestly priced tequila can compete against those with $100+ price tags. To learn more about Riazul checkout MixDrinkipedia.com, Riazul’s website and join their Facebook Fan Page. By the end of this episode you’ll know all there is to know about the heavenly Agave, what classificaties a tequila and some great tasting properties of Añejo and Silver Riazul Tequila.

Hopefully you enjoy this special interview episode and stay tuned for our next podcast later this week covering Pilsner beers.