1. Brian says:

    Just discovered your site, and its great! Keep up the good work fellas.

  2. Thanks! We’re giving it our all! It’s hard to rise to the top with all the noise of the Internet holding you back. But, we’ll get there.

  3. Mel says:

    I love your site! Thanks for the quick margarita recipe. I live in Texas and I have tasted Cavalino and I love it. No headache the next day. Hip Hip Hooray for great Tequila. Keep up the good work.

  4. Derrick,

    Found it, under “The Perfect Margarita”.



  5. Ok,

    Mrs. Biddle’s is way too strong also! I can make a nice mix with the key lime juice and some bottled water, but I’m going to have to take a break now or I may as well just drink the tequila straight out of the bottle.

    What a great job you have!

    Rick Neighbors

  6. Ok, was not aware that my comments were going world wide. Smile.
    I am going to purchase some fresh limes as a reference to the Mrs. Biddles key lime juice. I think it might be a time saver for parties, and when limes are hard to come by or of poor quality.
    Was using Jose Cuervo to “experiment” with. So I “sacrificed” a shot of Don Julio 1942 to compare. ( I know, shoot me! ) Absolutely no comparison. Fantastic margarita! Obviously the tequila makes the drink! Am in the process of trying to procur some of your recommended Cavalino.
    Thanks for your hard work!

  7. Derrick,

    Going to bother you with one more comment. After extensive research…. :) I have determined, that for my wife and I, we can make a nice mix with the key lime juice and bottled water. 3 parts water to 1 part key lime juice. We purchased some fresh limes from our local Albertsons, and used them as a reference. May be the season, or the limes, but they were quiet tart. However, if we mixed the juice from the fresh limes, with some good bottled water, it worked for us. 2 parts fresh lime to 1 part water.
    I do agree with your recommendation of at least 2 ounces of good tequila in the drink, because after all, the tequila is the main ingredient, and if you skimp, you totally change the flavor of the drink!
    Keep up the good work, and have a very Happy New Year!

  8. The season makes a big difference on limes I believe. Typically, when I buy them in the summer I let them sit for a few days until their a bit soft.

    If they get too hard or too soft they get really sour. I get the standard limes at any store. You can also microwave them for 10 seconds to soften them up and get the juices ready to go.

    Of course, everyones pallet is different, so once you get the right recipe I suggest writing it down on a notepad and sticking it on the fridge incase you go without one for a few months you can quickly look it up :)

  9. Hi Derrick,

    Just went back and re-reviewed you old podcast of the perfect margarita……for research reasons.
    I noticed that you don’t put salt in your margarita. I like it in mine, but do not want the hassle of rimming a glass. So, what I do is take a good pinch of bar salt and “float” it on the ice cubes in my margarita. That way it mixes as you drink and you don’t get salt in your mustache! :)
    Rick N.

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