Margaritas With Real Limes

Natural LimeFor the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with my margarita recipe which is fairly basic, a shot of 100% Agave Tequila, two shots Roses’s Lime Juice and a half shot of Grand Marnier in a shaker with ice. The issue I’ve had is that Rose’s Lime Juice is full of high fructose corn syrup, not exactly the most healthy of choices.

Like many chemically designed sugar substitutes, most are known not to be a very healthy alternative to real sugar. However, real sugars don’t dissolve so well in a cold drink and a few syrups (such as Orgeat Syrup) work but don’t give the Margarita the right taste. The true answer may be Agave Syrup, which I have on order and I’m awaiting to arrive but I need to, first, remove the high fructose corn syrup from the receipt which means eliminated Roses Lime Juice unfortunately.

The answer: real limes. Who knew? Plenty of people, but I’m slow, forgive me.

I’ve tried “juicing” the Limes in a juicer, first trying the entire fruit – peel and all, to see how it would taste. Well, as expect the peel has a lot of ‘flavor’ which overwhelms the margarita to the point of almost gagging. So that’s not the right solution. I then figured I’d peel them and juice them but realized cleaning a juicer is a long and tedious process for one or two shakers of margarita. At a party this might be a great solution to mass producing real lime juice but I’ve not had this occur just yet.

So, I went out and purchased a cheapy citrus squeezer. Roll the lime on the table after letting it sit out on the counter for the day so it warms up a bit and you’ll get the most juice out of the lime. Then, cut it in half, put half in the citrus squeeze and …squeeze. It creates roughly one shot of lime juice so squeezing both sections of the lime creates my required “two shots of lime juice.”

Now I’ve removed the need for the Rose’s Lime Juice and eliminated the high fructose corn syrup for natural flavors and sugars. The margarita will be a bit more bitter but not too bad (since the peels are not part of the equation). Now, a syrup sugar like Agave Syrup or something may work to build more of a natural sweetness, more on that when it arrives.

Hopefully this helps anyone looking to build a more natural margarita with real limes.