Julius Echter – Hefe Weiss

Julius Echter - Hefe WeissLooking for a premium Bavarian wheat beer? Good, Julius Echter is a must try beverage. Like a great Bavarian wheat brew, you’ll look forward to a golden cloudy ale with a citrus scent. The initial taste is a bit fruity with a smooth medium bodied finish.

Julius Echter also has a Dunkel (“Dark”) ale so don’t be confused between the Dunkel and the Weiss (“White”) or Hell ( “Pale” ) beer, they’re completely different. Like most wheat beers, the pale color and light flavors translates to a very relaxing brew which I’ve always enjoyed during a warm summer day. I’ve recently found, as I received a case of Julius Echter as payment for helping someone install Microsoft Vista, that wheat beers can also be enjoyed during the winter months.

Don’t be afraid of the cloudy color, this isn’t a bad thing, this is what occurs when you’ve got suspended yeast in your beer which is one of the properties of a good Hefeweizen, german for “Wheat Beer.” Julius Echter is a bit more carbonated than you may receive from other types of beers such as a Brown Ale or Pale Ale. The Julius Echter Hefe Weiss is 4.90% alcohol by volume and arrives in a 500 ML (1PT 9 FL OZ) bottle so it can lay you out if you drink too many of them because they are very easy to drink.

The smooth textures and bright white fluffy head is going to down so quick you’ll find yourself cracking a few bottles open and before you know it you’ll have to turn yourself off. If you’re looking for a casual brew to drink, Julius Echter is a great choice if you pay attention to your consumption.

Some folks are not big fans of the wheat beers, if this is your issue, stay away from Julius Echter Hefe-Weiss…for that matter, stay away from anything that has “Weiss,” “White” or “Wheat” in the name–don’t blame it on the beer.

Oddly enough, Julius Echter lists their ingredients on the back of the bottle: Water, Wheat Malt, Barely Malt, Hops, Hop Extract. See? Simple! I think I’ll go mix all those up now and make myself a wheat beer… or maybe not.