Averna – Sambuca: Liquirizia

Averna - Sambuca: LiquiriziaAverna Stellato Sambuca is 100% star anise and has a slight black licorice taste, if you’re a fan of licorice you’re going to like Averna Sambuca. If you’re a fan of Averna Sambuca because of its licorice flavored properties you’re going to be a raging lunatic over Sambuca Liquirizia!

Sambuca Liquirizia is a licorice flavored Sambuca created from 100% star anise. You can get more licorice flavor than standard Sambuca? The simple answer is, yes. First, I took a sip of Liquirizia and thought to myself, “hmm, tastes like their standard Sambuca product” until I laid them out side-by-side. Liquirizia is a much more intense licorice flavored beverage from smell to taste.

Here is a simple method of explaining, put a glass of Averna Sambuca to your nose with your eyes closed and you’ll think “duh, Sambuca.” Repeat this exercise with a glass of Liquirizia and you’ll think to yourself “black licorice” before you even consider it a beverage–much like sticking your nose in a bag of licorice.

They both have a thick liquid taste which feels light on the tongue but there are some obvious differences. Where Averna’s standard “Stellato” Sambuca tastes like a sweet candy wielding a subtle licorice flavor, Liquirizia has a potent black licorice explosion in your mouth–not as sweet as the Stellato but stands on its own as a spirit of defining flavor. I’m almost convinced that Liquirizia is a licorice flavored alcoholic beverage with Sambuca properties rather than a flavored Sambuca.

If you drink Sambuca because you like the licorice taste you’re going to want to pickup Liquirizia–it does exactly what you want. You’ll also get less sweet candy aftertaste and a bit more rich licorice aftertaste.

Of course, someone that dislikes the black licorice flavor will want to stay awhile from this Sambuca like its a big peanut and you’ve got a killer peanut allergy…okay, that’s a bit overly dramatic.