Dark Passion Cocktail

This cocktail may need a straw as the overproof is floated on top of the Dark Passion Cocktail. This cocktail comes off slightly sweet (brown sugar) with focused citrus flavor and a bit of tartness. The passion fruit sits on the tongue near the finish of the drink after the residual alcohol subsides. Or, as Ian put it, it’s “dancing” on his tongue (not tap dancing).

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Viridian Vanguard Cocktail

A cocktail designed for a championship contest, however we have a slight feeling it brings on the recollection of drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth. The mint against the citrus is peculiar and slightly off-balance on our tongue.

All-in-all, not a cocktail we’d find ourselves trying again.

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Atomic Jolly Rancher with Redd’s Apple Ale

A great summer drink that, as Ian stated, will get you messed up in a hurry if you’re not careful. Just the right amount of cinnamon against the sour apple with a slightly dry finish.

This is a quick and easy drink to make with fairly accessible ingredients and, in some circles, could probably pass as a “college drink.” The Apple Ale makes a good filler and doesn’t diminish from the taste. Of course, we don’t see it as a real “beer” cocktail given the cider-like nature of the ale.

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Kalembu Cafe & Guavaberry Rum Review, plus Balls of Steel

Today we bust out our balls of steel and review them while sipping on some Kalembu Cafe Rum and Kalembu Guavaberry Rum. Both products are offered by the makers of Kalembu Mamajuana, all three dominican product offerings for a price tag of USD $12.99.

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Sam Lords Castle: Frangipani

As Curd says, a “pretty bang’in shot”, the flavor brings a bit of hazelnut against the pernod herbal flavors and combines well into the cocktail. A very flavorful cocktail that, taken as a shot, is one of the more flavorful shots. Most people design shots in a very unbalanced way just to get a good layer or color. Taking a normal cocktail, like this recipe, and building it into a shooter turned out better than those that make dedicated shooter recipes.

Sip it in a cocktail glass, on the rocks, or as a shot and it’s just as tasty. No more jager shots, make something better.

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Pusser’s Painkiller, with Pusser’s Rum

There are only so many trademarked cocktails and Pusser’s Painkiller is one of those. Some bars will get sued for not using the right spirit in a trademarked recipe (since it calls for the spirit).

So, here we are staying true to the recipe utilizing Pusser’s Rum. This is a 1980′s cocktail, owned by Pussers.

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Historic Rum Cocktails: The Golden Glove

The Golden Glove cocktail is supposed to be a “heavy weight” cocktail offering designed by Constante Ribalaigua in 1937. This variation to the daiquiri was served at Havana’s well-known La Florida Bar and was blended to a Frappé style. With enough ice one can pile the drink upon itself in a coupe so it looks like a pyramid of sorts. In our case, it was a bit liquidy for the snow pile but hey, we’re no Constante.

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Historic Rum Cocktails: Hotel Nacional Special, Wil P. Taylor

The cocktail, Hotel Nacional Special, is a historic cocktail served at the Hotel Nacional when it opened in Cuba created by Wil P. Taylor. This Spanish style cocktail requests a silver cuban rum but, being in the United States, we cannot purchase Cuban rum (sad).

The Hotel Nacional Special first appears in Charles H. Baker’s The Gentleman’s Companion, from 1939. It last appeared at….Common Man Cocktails!

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Historic Cocktail: West Indian Sangaree

As it turns out, Pirates didn’t drink “barrels of rum”, they drank wines, ports and other stable liquids. However, the Navy did have a hand at rum based drinks like Grog. The Pirates, they had products like Madeira which was used to create some cocktails.

This Madeira made it to some of the noble houses, some of the larger high class parties in the form of juice-based drinks. Not quite a punch, but pretty close. Those higher class folks had access to cognacs, sugars and spices like nutmeg so they built stuff like the Sangaree.

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Historic Cocktails: Grog and The Bumbo Cocktails

Today we dial back our cocktail history to some of the very first “cocktail” designs. These historic cocktails aren’t going to be the most awesome, but they’re what people used to drink back in the day when rum was just becoming popular.

This is what you should think of when someone says “grog”, but of course that’s not what we think of today. Now, when you look back at where cocktails came from you can see how they’ve improved over time.

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A History of Rum and Rum Categorization

Everything you want to know about how to understand the spirit known as rum. There is rum history mixed with who/what/when and why rum is called what it is and how to know what you need to buy (or skip on).
You’ll find lots of products in this video, some which you won’t have immediate access to in your region. You’ll find a few great rums that you can add to your alcohol “spice cabinet” and build out some very top shelf unique cocktail designs.

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Weltmeister Shooter

Curtis may have lost his inner child with this layered shooter, which does have a cough syrup like flavor. Derrick’s okay with the sugar rush of intensity, but we do ponder how often a layered shooter really works flavor-wise in your face.

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