Gentleman Jack Review

Today we taste Gentleman Jack and compare it to the lower end product, Jack Daniels to see if we can find the differences and why you’d want to pay additional for Gentleman Jack over the other products.

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La Fire Mode Shooter

As promised, we took X-Mode Energy shots and built a shooter out of ‘em. This cocktail was written on a paper napkin, invented by Curtis as we taped this weeks episodes.

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Green Beret Cocktail

The Green Beret, a cocktail Curtis designed for a Lucid cocktail competition. If you’re looking for an absinthe drink that doesn’t put absinthe direct in your face constantly, perhaps this is your drink. This was the second rendition of the cocktail design that had much less absinthe contribution yet still keeps it in the drink flavor profile.

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The New Englander, with Fruitations Cranberry

Being in New England it seemed fitting to be the first to create the New Englander on youtube. This cocktail utilizes a fairly new product line called Fruitations–they’re soda/cocktail/mocktail flavorings arriving in three real fruit flavors, we’re taste testing the Cranberry.

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The Blackthorn, Classic Cocktail

Here comes a classically designed cocktail that dates itself far back, probably before many of the key ingredients and spirit recipes where as good as they are today. Some of the balance was probably hard to achieve and, today, the recipe stands on its own, even if it’s not that exciting.

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Hot Apple Cider, with Cardamom-Clove Simple Syrup

A warm cocktail for our Tuesday, this cocktail brings some sweetness from the cardamom-clove simple syrup yet keeps the apple cider profile and hides the bourbon well within this design.

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X-Mode Power Tower Energy Shots Review

Lets take a look at a product that may be able to flavor a cocktail, with cherry, that doesn’t require a full can in your cocktail. Obviously energy drinks and cocktails have been paired together for years, even against medical recommendations.

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Meister on Mars, Shooter

Not sure what makes this such a mars shooter (or master of it), but I am guessing the layering technique looks like something you’d see on an alien terrain. But, how does it taste?

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Key Lime Pie Martini

The Key Lime Pie Martini, a cocktail that brings both half & half and lime together in a delicate balance. The first reaction would be a yogurt or curdle when you bring half and half with lime juice…will it work?

We either can create a mess or a cocktail or a mess of a cocktail. Instead, we create a great flavorful cocktail that tastes like key lime pie with a dry tart flavor.

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Stone Ricky Cocktail

The Stone Ricky is a light and refreshing gin-based cocktail that even non-gin drinkers will want to try. The sour combination with orange juice (seen in almost all ‘stoned sour’ cocktails) brings both taste and aroma without going overboard.

A great beach sipper, pool side refresher, this cocktail keeps it flavorful without having to rely too much on crazy amounts of alcohol. You’ll be able to sip on a few of these before having to worry about the alcohol going to your head.

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The Blackbuck, with B.G. Reynolds Ginger Syrup

Today we create a cocktail designed for our non-visiting guest, Curtis, because it utilized B.G. Reynolds Ginger Syrup and we wanted him to try it. Oh well, we’re still making the Blackbuck anyway, for everyone else’s enjoyment!

This cocktail has a dark earthy texture of ginger with a balance of sweet against the potent bite of alcohol. The Soda water keeps it light and the bitters brings it all together.

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Viniq Tropical Passion, with Viniq Shimmery Liqueur

mery Liqueur and build a recipe that Eric from Simply Made Cocktails invented called the Viniq Tropical Passion. The recipe includes Patron Citronge but we’ll pick something else because we’re out of that orange liqueur.

So, we use our favorite: Senior Curacao! If you want to make the Viniq Tropical Passion the recipe is below, otherwise you can head over to Simply Made Cocktails and check it out there.

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