Adios Motherfucker Cocktail (AMF), Now With More Yelling!

One of the more highly requested cocktail recipes, it is right up there with the Long Island Iced Tea. The Adios Motherfucker, A.M.F or AMF cocktail is constantly being searched for because of its crazy mysterious ingredients. Okay, it’s not that crazy, you’re looking at about the same design as the Long Island Ice Tea with blue curacao and no triple sec (with citrus soda instead of coke).

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Rum Crusta Swizzle

Keep Calm and Drink On. Today we make the Rum Crusta Swizzle which is the first time we’ve really been excited about Maraschino Liqueur. Light, flavorful and covered with a neat combination of flavors that creates a new flavor profile, not calling out any single spirit or flavor as the highlight of the game.

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Four Island Iced Tea, with Bluechai Blue Tea

We are taking butterfly pea flowers and creating an original CMC recipe that has some fun table-side excitement. Bluechai blue tea plays well with things that have a citrus-base by doing some fabulous color changing techniques.

This cocktail uses the 1-2-3-4 style caribbean design: 1 sour (lime juice), 2 sweet (demerara sugar), 3 strong (rum), 4 weak (bluechai tea).

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Mown Lawn Island Iced Tea, with Oddka Fresh Cut Grass Vodka

A Mown lawn island iced tea is a standard long island iced tea but we’re using Oddka Fresh Cut Grass vodka to give a bit more of a fresh cut grass appeal. Very interesting and better than your basic long island iced tea.

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Sapporo Review, Beer Monday

Today we drink a beer. Why? Because we can–it’s time to change it up for the day. This beer is an all around easy drinking beer that’s not too bitter and not too malty (but definitely leans more towards malt), a great porch rocking beer for a relaxing day. Sapporo will definitely target a more generalized audience that’s matured past the mass market “beers” like Budweiser but may not satisfy the needs of the IPA fan.

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Cozonac Shooter, with Stroh 80

If you’re looking for that OMG moment, Stroh 80 as a topping on a shooter is going to give you the O-my face. And, as we find out through science, no matter how much 151 you add to a drink you can’t get more than 151 in the end.

Do you like getting punched in the face? This cocktail is for you–the Coole Swan saves it a bit but the butterscotch is nice too. No real jagermeister in this drink.

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Historical Cocktail: Tropical Itch

Time to get some rum and maybe a back scratcher for this cocktail, it’s the tropical itch. This is a mango-focused cocktail with a sweet start, mango middle and a dry and slightly potent finish.

This cocktail won’t work for everyone so pass it around and get some opinions, it makes a good taste test game. The mango is pretty intense so you must really like the mango flavor to like the Tropical Itch.

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Dark Passion Cocktail

This cocktail may need a straw as the overproof is floated on top of the Dark Passion Cocktail. This cocktail comes off slightly sweet (brown sugar) with focused citrus flavor and a bit of tartness. The passion fruit sits on the tongue near the finish of the drink after the residual alcohol subsides. Or, as Ian put it, it’s “dancing” on his tongue (not tap dancing).

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Viridian Vanguard Cocktail

A cocktail designed for a championship contest, however we have a slight feeling it brings on the recollection of drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth. The mint against the citrus is peculiar and slightly off-balance on our tongue.

All-in-all, not a cocktail we’d find ourselves trying again.

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Atomic Jolly Rancher with Redd’s Apple Ale

A great summer drink that, as Ian stated, will get you messed up in a hurry if you’re not careful. Just the right amount of cinnamon against the sour apple with a slightly dry finish.

This is a quick and easy drink to make with fairly accessible ingredients and, in some circles, could probably pass as a “college drink.” The Apple Ale makes a good filler and doesn’t diminish from the taste. Of course, we don’t see it as a real “beer” cocktail given the cider-like nature of the ale.

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Kalembu Cafe & Guavaberry Rum Review, plus Balls of Steel

Today we bust out our balls of steel and review them while sipping on some Kalembu Cafe Rum and Kalembu Guavaberry Rum. Both products are offered by the makers of Kalembu Mamajuana, all three dominican product offerings for a price tag of USD $12.99.

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Sam Lords Castle: Frangipani

As Curd says, a “pretty bang’in shot”, the flavor brings a bit of hazelnut against the pernod herbal flavors and combines well into the cocktail. A very flavorful cocktail that, taken as a shot, is one of the more flavorful shots. Most people design shots in a very unbalanced way just to get a good layer or color. Taking a normal cocktail, like this recipe, and building it into a shooter turned out better than those that make dedicated shooter recipes.

Sip it in a cocktail glass, on the rocks, or as a shot and it’s just as tasty. No more jager shots, make something better.

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