The Ho, Ho, Ho Holiday Cocktail

Time to bring out a cocktail submitted in 2013 for the holidays that didn’t make the broadcast. But, no worries, here is the Ho, Ho, Ho cocktail for this holiday celebration.

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The Dirty Girl Scout

The Dirty Girl Scout is, of course, representing only those most adult of girl scouts, more than likely those of 18+ minty proportions! This cocktail represents the mudslide with mint, great for the holidays.

If you ever need an excuse for another mudslide style cocktail, here you go, the dirty girl scout!

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American Barrels Bourbon Review

We took a look at a new product from American Barrels Bourbon, a new bourbon brand making its way to the market. First, they’ve launched in select stores with a goal of hitting a few online stores (and more outlets) in 2015.

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Yamazaki Japanese Whisky Review, 12-Year Single Malt

Suntory Yamazaki Japanese Single Malt Whiskey, 12 years in age and the Japanese response to Scotch. The distillery, created in 1899, is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) in Japan. Here is their 12-year old single malt whisky offering and our review of it.

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Purple Gecko Cocktail

The Purple Gecko, turns out not so purple because we forgot the 1 oz. of Cranberry Juice. So, if you do that perhaps you’ll get a nice purple and a bit more dryness in the flavor profile.

In many ways, this tastes much like a standard margarita, but it could use a bit of agave nectar to go into that direction. In other ways, once cranberry juice is added, you’re closer to that of the Pink Cadillac Margarita.

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Milk & Friends

A rumchata cocktail for those fans of the cream rum! This makes a good holiday cocktail for those that don’t want to jump into the world of eggnog.

A creamy carrot cake / horchata flavor and the orange really plays well in the combination with a nice cinnamon nuance. If you like rumchata you’ll probably enjoy this cocktail.

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The Bullfrog, with Red Bull Energy Drink

Our second red bull cocktail of the week (since we had a can we might as well use all of it). The Bullfrog tries to duplicate the works of a Long Island iced tea but brings in curacao and a half can of red bull.

Will it hold up with all those ingredients and no juice to balance out the sharp alcohols and energy drink?

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Southern Redberry Cocktail

The southern redberry, a ‘ruby red grapefruit’ colored drink with lots of dry and odd sour flavor. Neither of us really cared for the flavor profile, although with a bit of Orinoco bitters, we were able to balance it out a bit better.

Both of us agree that the sweetness could be a bit better, the red bull isn’t helping too much. This drink makes you thirsty.

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SIA Blended Scotch Whisky Review

A kickstarter program goes from concept to success and sells for $49.99 USD, the product? SIA Blended Scotch Whisky. This scotch brings three regional whisky’s together: Speyside (50%), Highlands (40%) and Islay (10%).

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Chocolate Cake Shooter

The Chocolate Cake shooter was on the show five years ago, today we remake it in full 1080p60 resolution. And, you know what? It still tastes like chocolate cake. Isn’t science fun!?

The original episode, aired in 2009 with AwesomeDrinks as a sponsor. We used Three Olives Vodka and Frangelico and we did the same here. The only thing missing was our sponsorship of Cavalino tequila.

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Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

The easy tasting flavor that has an ice tea appeal, color and lack of intense alcohol flavor. The cocktail doesn’t have too much additional alcohol over many other cocktails, but it still brings a good 3 oz. in a single drink. The Long Island Iced Tea doesn’t hurt a person, it’s the follow up request that starts to cause the hurt.

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Apple Core Cocktail

This cocktail isn’t as sweet as a hard cider here in the US. Our basic “Apple Cider” is non-alcoholic. This is a simple cocktail design, easy to build and explore on your face; use your favorite cider.

The flavor profile of apple cider and cinnamon toast combined.

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