The Fine Lady, with Champagne

If you like Champagne then you may like this cocktail, if you don’t like champagne…same rules apply. This cocktail has licor 43 so it can only make champagne better. This cocktail is very delicate on flavor and can be messed up easy if you add too many ingredients. It’s a vanilla, orange and lime flavor against that of champagne.

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White Russian on a Desert Island

A twist on the traditional white Russian (a milk based cocktail) by bringing in a vodka modifier with coconut. An easy drink with a nice twist that doesn’t get too crazy. Might fit those college kids that are looking to save some money and not have drinks with tons of ingredients.

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The Geting Cocktail, or Wasp

You like cocktails with banana? You like cocktails that will peal the paint off your car? You got the Getting for your needs. We decide to create this cocktail twice, one with bitters and one without because we felt it was going to need some “help” ahead of time.

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Exploration Series: Orange Liqueur Blind Tasting

Today we taste a number of orange liqueurs to figure out if there are any that really stand out while also theorizing over what flavors may work well in what style of cocktail. We focus a bit on some of the sharper more distinct zesty notes or fleshy notes that occur in many of the orange liqueur.

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The Buttery Nipple

No nipples where harmed in the making of this shooter. The buttery nipple is a layering of two ingredients to give you a flavorful experience of butterscotch and cream.

A classic, often ordered shooter at the bar.

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Bourbon Stone Sour

A beauty of a bourbon cocktail that takes a whiskey sour and adds some orange juice for added sweetness and aroma.

I highly suggest some fresh orange juice in this cocktail because the orange is the highlight which makes this _not_ a normal whiskey sour.

You can also look towards the Voodoo Sour for another great caribbean offshoot.

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The Voodoo Sour

A beautiful classic meets new aged cocktail taking the love of a whiskey sour to the caribbean for an adventure. Whiskey Sour in the front, caribbean cocktail in the back.

Easy sipping drink that still gives you that bourbon feel and that rum vacation.

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Vodka Collins, with Cardamom Improvement

Today we bring out the vodka collins, nothing too exciting about a vodka collins in overall flavor (like intense lemonade) but we did find a way to make it better so let’s taste first, and try experimentation.

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Shark Repellant Cocktail

Here is a flavorful little number, the shark repellant cocktail has a great color with nice pineapple body with citrus that is both sour and sweet without any real alcohol burn. The closest comparison is a pineapple lemonade, if such a thing exists.

Adding coconut would simply ruin this cocktail by making it taste like every other tropical cocktail.

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Exploration Series: Spiced Rum, Blind Tasting

People continue to ask what our favorite spiced rum happens to be and they want to know what they should buy at the store. We can give them our favorite labels or we can sit down and figure it out the right way, in a blind tasting to see what we actually like (all labels aside).

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Elderflower Sour Shooter

We create this cocktail based off a live stream participant, Matthias coming up with the recipe. We had one show left to tape after the bloody mary contest so we pulled right from the live stream fans.

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Scrappy’s Bloody Mary Contest Winner

What bloody Mary is the winner? It’s like comparing apple’s to oranges but it’s our job!

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