Trader Vic’s Suffering Bastard, 1970′s Cocktail

Today we bust out a classic tiki from 1970′s called the Suffering Bastard. You can almost always find this on a polynesian menu but it will almost never be the Trader Vic’s version (many just have bourbon and ginger ale). This one is flavorful, refreshing and worth a sip time and time again.

Finally, a classic we enjoy remaking over and over.

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Harpoon Cocktail, 1960′s Cocktail

When taking a trip through time and experiencing the cocktails as they once were, sometimes you trip upon a drink that just doesn’t live up to how we cocktail today. However, there is a lesson to be learned and touching upon our years long past is a great educational exercise…but how much would you pay for that privilege?

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Frangipani Cocktail, 1950′s Cocktail

The Frangipani is a…cocktail. We don’t exactly know how to pronounce it but it’s all about the color. And, this is the second episode in our archive in which Doug Petersen hosts the show. Yeah, no Derrick on set, he’s there just to heckle.

Today, perhaps this is a taste of the polynesian.

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The Sloppy Joe’s Mojito, 1940′s Cocktail

The Sloppy Joe’s Mojito, a classic 1940′s mojito recipe which should use the Sloppy Joe’s rum but we can’t get it so we’re using the next best thing, Captain Morgan White Rum! Why? Because it’s awesome.

This cocktail fits the pool side “lime water” alternative, it’s not strong but not too much mint.

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South Side Cocktail, 1930′s Cocktail

The South Side cocktail, our first black and white episode. This episode comes complete with humor, classic cocktail and a challenge to taste something just a bit different and old school.

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The Vermonter

The Vermonter is a maple focused cocktail that finds itself layered in the shot glass. It finds itself that way, because we made it that way! A syrup sweet cocktail that could be a maple coffee drink from a place like starbucks (without the dark roast beans). A little tongue numbing action.

What do you think of layered shots?

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The Rumball, with Fireball Whiskey

The rumball brings a boring color to a fiery cocktail. You do get a back end alcohol piercing fierceness that almost brings a nutty almond flavor with a bit of front end carrot cake and cinnamon. Lots of spicy like flavor yet, at the same time, the fireball whiskey is tamed as compared to what it’s usually like in most cocktails.

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ok Daniels, with ok. Energy Mango

A simple cocktail creating using ok.- energy mango, a little bit of carbonation with a nice mango start and a tamed jack daniels finish. Designed to be a great introduction to a JD recipe with the energy drink flavors of mango without a complex recipe design.

QoTD: Who would you like to interview in the spirit world?

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Kansas City Ice Water

Alcoholic lemonade, the only thing in this cocktail that is our “sweet” is the sprite soda via our sodastream. This is going to be a bit of a sour drink with a big dose of alcohol from your vodka/moonshine/core spirit. Help Fund Us: Drink Responsibly.  

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Tropical Blueberry Cocktail

Utilizing ok.- energy drink, we create a unique CMC cocktail that’s fairly simple to create if you get your hands on some ok.- energy blueberry. More blueberry and coconut with mild pineapple flavor.

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The Pancake Shot

No pancakes where harmed in the making of this shot, but we did bust out the Hazelnut Liqueur! This cocktail seemed intimidating to make so we figured we better try it before you had to try it! So, now it’s done!

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Suburban Cocktail

We wanted to bust out the suburban cocktail before Doug went back home after his summer break. Why? He is the man that likea himself some port wine. Does it work as expected? Watch and see!

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