Cannon’s Mist Cocktail

The Cannon’s Mist, a cocktail that has some potency along with its carrot cake flavor profile from the rumchata. It brings spice in both the striking of the alcohol and the flavors of the rumchata and spiced rum combined.

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Deadly Venom, Destruction To Your Face?

A drink submitted by a man in the military, is this drink too big for our faces? Turns out? No, the Deadly Venom tastes much like a Good and Plenty (for those that can get that candy). It won’t make you tough, but the sambuca does bring that black licorice flavor.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not weak on alcohol, it just doesn’t taste like it. It’s a bit sweet.

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Clover Rose, with Rose+Hibiscus Concentrate

The Clover Rose is a spectacular cocktail designed by the folks at the Wild Hibiscus Flower Company using their new concentrate called Rose+Hibiscus. If you like the aroma of rose peddles this cocktail may blow your mind.

Now that we created it, this might make a fabulous Valentine’s day cocktail in a few months. The aroma is awesome, the flavor is strikingly well balanced with a creamy texture that’s not too sweet and not too sour.

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Exploration Series: Tequila History, Mezcal Becomes Tequila

Today we uncover the mysteries of Tequila and its roots in the product Mezcal. Where did Tequila come from, why is it here and how did we get that gross Oro/Gold brands in the United States? If you’re confused on why a Reposado is different form a Gold and what makes a Siliver clear vs. that of a darker Tequila this is the video for you! From the hearts of the agave to your front door!

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The Jane Daniels Shooter

Jane Daniels, you know, the opposite of Jack Daniels. And, coincidentally, it has jack Daniels in it so… time to get rowdy! If you don’t care for Jack Daniel straight, you can add a bit of sugar to Jack Daniels and a bit of cinnamon and BOOM.

In some ways, it tastes like Fireball whiskey with a lot less cinnamon. It’s not bright pink and there isn’t a sparkler hanging out of it, so this is a man drink!

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Purple Quartz-Tini, Viniq Shimmery Liqueur Cocktail

This drink might be targeted at the female persuasion with its color and shimmer. However, guys may like it as well, although it is a bit on the strong side for any human. Cut down the vodka and make this a better cocktail that brings out more flavor than ethanol.

It does bring up a good point, what are your opinions of “girl” drinks–those targeted specifically for women. An interesting use of Viniq, but it does lose some of hits “shimmery liqueur” when you add lemon juice.

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The Golden Retriever Cocktail

The Golden Retriever, fitting Curtis fix for a “classic” design in a new aged cocktail by a master cocktail creator. The Golden Retriever brings three equal part ingredients, a few of which may not be what you’d expect but the taste is smooth.

If you like a smooth silky cocktail design with a bit of sweet balanced against a bit of herbal, here is your next cocktail.

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B’lurring Cocktail, with B’lure Butterfly Pea Extract

Our last cocktail of the week using the new B’lure Butterfly Pea extract product. This drink doesn’t utilize B’lure as ice cubes, but more as a ‘bitter’ by dashing it into the drink.

Adding sour changes the color, of course, and turns this into a more “sour” cocktail offering. The best part, it’s pretty darn cute looking.

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Alter Ego Mojito, with B’lure Butterfly Pea Extract

The B’lure alter ego mojito, this cocktail uses ice cubes much like our B’lured Bourbon Sour from yesterday. This cocktail then utilized the IBA standard recipe for a Mojito which we found a bit lacking in overall flavor–it had a lot of lime but not a lot of anything above and beyond it from the original recipe standpoint.

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Exploration Series: Bourbon History

Educational series on Bourbon, no real drinking (although a bit of tasting), the goal of this video release was to explore the crazy history of an American Bourbon.

We hit on the start of bourbon, where it went and some of the key names that made the bourbon a historic product that we can hold our own in the history books of American History.

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B’lured Bourbon Sour, with B’lure Butterfly Pea Extract

The B’lure Bourbon Sour is designed much like a standard “Whiskey Sour” but with a twist. Not only does it bring a nice delicious Buffalo Trace Bourbon to the scene but it takes it too a new level with B’lure Butterfly Pea Extract.

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The Iceberg Shooter

The iceberg shooter, another cocktail that’s designed to look fancy while bringing a little bit of a minty taste along with the cream it rides upon.

The Iceberg Shooter could be good for a themed party (or maybe the cold part of the year) and, of course, for Canadians!

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