The Cinnamonster with B.G. Reynolds Real Orgeat

Holy crap, an orgeat that tastes like almonds! Today the Cinnamonster utilizes only a few ingredients (one being an Energy Drink) with the primary sweetener being orgeat syrup.

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White Cyclone with Royal Rose Simple Syrup

The concept of hot and sweet at the same time is interesting and makes for something different in your cocktail experiences.

While this isn’t extreme heat, it does have a nice step up of heat as you sip and a bit of lip numbing action but nothing too intense. If you like spicy but are timid on those super dangerous hot products, you should be okay on this cocktail.

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OK Rum Punch with ok.- Energy Drink

It is Monday and we need to really get a little pick-me-up and ok.- energy drink is the caffeine of choice. After a long week, the ok.- rum punch is designed to relax but also give you a bit of a pep in your step.

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Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream Review

Why should the Irish be the only one with a cream liqueur? No longer! Tennessee now has an alternative, Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream and we’ll review it today.

If you’re looking for a new way to sip a Tennessee whiskey, time to checkout Whisper Creek as they’ve launched their initial product as a cream based whiskey; it’s a sipper!

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Crouching Tiger Shot

We have very few recipes with Lychee as a component, so Crouching Tiger played into our Lychee Vodka that we purchased many moons ago. If anything, the Blanco Tequila perhaps is the “hidden dragon” in this drink.

Ian gets mainly tequila, Derrick gets mainly lychee, what flavors do you get?

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The Martinez, Updated and Classic Designs

The classic cocktail known as the Martinez came in two variants, the original utilizing old-tom gin as Jerry Thomas would make it, and the updated revision with more accessible and popular ingredients.

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Classic Whiskey Sour

Today we create a classic whiskey sour, in a coupe with bourbon cherries. This whiskey sour recipe is quite excellent and you’ll be hard pressed to find one that’s better we think.

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The Classic Daiquiri, History and Taste

This may be the best daiquiri you’ll ever make in your lives, so pay attention. The classic Daiquiri is a simple drink but the balance of ingredients plays a huge part given the simplicity of the recipe. In this version of the classic, we’re also adding a pinch of salt to really connect the flavors and bring out some of the beauty of the daiquiri.

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Exploration Series: Grenadine Challenge, Five Brands, Two Mouths

Today we explore five brands of grenadine to see how they play on the palate then we build five Shirley Temple mocktails to see how they play in our childhood drink. Of course, if you just can’t shake your childhood legacy version of the Shirley Temple, you’re probably going to fall back to Rose’s Grenadine.

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The Hellish Soar, a Shooter For Your Face

Why do we do such crazy things? Because fans submit them and the Hellish Soar is right up there on the bucket list of stupid things to do–today it’s sambuca, campari and hot sauce for your delight.

Should you try this? I don’t know, are you crazy like we are? If no, then you have your answer.

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The Relapse Cocktail, Hair of the Dog!

The Relapse cocktail, one of the shortest cocktail episodes in years here on CMC. We created the recipe and did an entire 11-minute show and forgot to hit the ‘record’ button on the camera… so that was fun. This drink will have a bit of a spice to it, thanks to Bittermens Hellfire Shrub, the more you add the more heat and vinegar you’ll have in your flavor profile.

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Silver Fizz, Happy New Year!!

First cocktail of 2015, the silver fizz, a recovery cocktail for those with hangover issues. While we don’t have them ourselves, we are sure someone will need this recipe today, so here we go!

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