Hazel’s Black Gold, Fan Appreciation Month

Time for a cocktail that almost taste like Christmas, a month too early but still sets the mood. It almost feels like we are eating Christmas with this cocktail, which may be the frangelico mingling with the cinnamon fire.

What was the last cocktail that you had which was REALLY strong? Or, did you go Ian’s way with the giiiiiin and tonic. Or, perhaps a really strong white Russian?

International audiences…what is your “thanksgiving” holiday called? Punch bowls of death and bad decisions?

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The RGB Cocktail, Fan Appreciation Month

Here is a cocktail that will bite you right in the bo jangles! A sweet flavor, a tart bite of fresh simple syrup with great acidity. This cocktail makes you want to keep drinking, super awesome.

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Captain Morgan Espresso Martini, Fan Appreciation Month

The Captain Morgan Espresso Martini has both captain morgan (or spiced rum) and espresso (coffee) which we have also included. It’s all in a martini glass, so you have that going for you.

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Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum Cream Review

If you can imagine a holiday spiced Irish Cream, but with Rum, you’re on the right track to the Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum Cream. It is no doubt a mouthful of words to describe the bottle but it only takes one word to describe the taste: Yum.

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Root Beer Dessert Martini, with Art in the Age Root

Today we mix some Art in the Age Root with a cocktail calling for root beer liqueur: Root Beer Dessert Martini. We didn’t want to use just a schnapps as that would be a bit sweet and fake rooty flavor.

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Ruby Booty, Fan Appreciation Month

Nice almond flavor within the Ruby Booty, with a very cherry focused drink. Both a dark cherry juice from our cherry juice (Luxardo), plus the distilled cherry flavor of the Luxardo Maraschino.

This is definitely a sweeter drink, I couldn’t toss too many of these back but Jennifer said she could definitely drink a few of these without any issues.

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Mattias Special, Fan Appreciation Month

Heaven in a cup says Jennifer, the Mattias Special brings the vanilla of the pink pigeon we utilized along with the coconut flavor and the citrus profile. The passion fruit we used wasn’t that great, we could do better on that and get more passion fruit sweetness. Ours was a bit over-diluted but that’s easily fixed. Definitely a “sweet tart” profile, a coconut rum with a sweet and a tart all working together.

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Absinthe Sour, Fan Appreciation Month

If you like absinthe, the Absinthe Sour is focused on your taste except, it may also fit other people too. Jennifer sat on the show and managed to sip on it without the “ew” face going on so that says something for the dynamics of this drink.

There is definitely a beautiful citrus gin with some sweetness and a long drawn out finish that slowly melts into a numbing “black jelly bean” flavor, but muted.

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1775 Rum Punch, Fan Appreciation Month

This cocktail brings on the sweet pineapple flavor with a little rich dark flavors hidden within its taste. The dark rum is well hidden and offers no real burn factor as you sip. A great concept for a sweet-forward punch.

If you’re a fan of pineapple juice, if you like sweeter drinks than this is the punch you may want to be drinking. It is simple in design and does not require too many ingredients to hunt down.

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Irish Breakfast, Fan Appreciation Month

Today we make a cocktail that tastes a bit like breakfast even thought it has Jameson in it. The butterscotch is nice, the flavor of breakfast minus the bacon, but there is a bit of smokey flavor profile going on, but we’re not sure why.

Easy to make, flavorful shot, make it and tells us what you think.

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The Green Thumb, Fan Appreciation Month

The Green Thumb is definitely green with a bit of foam on the top, submitted by Alfredo… but now I’m hungry for some pasta. The alcohol balance is very good in this drink, there might almost be too good of a balance.

No one ingredient overpowers the Green Thumb, if anything there is a bit of an ethanol draw on the back of the finish. This is much like a fancy screwdriver cocktail.

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The Monkey Gland, Fan Appreciation Month

Rustle submitted the Monkey Gland, and this is how his name is spelled…IAN. The Monkey Gland cocktail brings the classy flavor and design but our version included a bit of soap… yeah, we had to create it twice.

Yes, Ian forgot to rinse out the shaker and poured soapy water into our cocktail so we had to re-create it. This episode is full of slapstick comedy..by mistake.

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