Mexican Three Wise Men

A twist on the “traditional” three wise men cocktail, but with something a bit more Mexican…tequila. With or without tequila, we still can’t recommend this insanity. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t do it.

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The Scarlet o’ Hara Cocktail

This Ocean Spray Cranberry juice cocktail was developed to help drive some exposure and sales of cranberry juice. It has a classic cocktail look, could use a bit of a garnish and definitely hides the Southern Comfort.

Not a hugely potent drink, has a bit of a dry cranberry finish with some nice acidity and a little sweetness. SoCo brings the structure to the flavors but isn’t dominant.

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Island Nut Cocktail

Amaretto usually does not disappoint so we’ll see what happens when you bring amaretto together with some lime and coconut rum. In some ways there is a bit of a Mai Tai like flavor thanks to the almonds playing big in the drink.

Or, perhaps, an almond daiquiri. Everyone is going to like this… unless you’ve got some crazy almond allergy. Otherwise, you may find the sweetness slightly balanced out against the lime to create a very enjoyable cocktail experience.

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Kapu-Kai Swizzle, Pure 151?

The Kapu-Kai Swizzle is a cocktail utilizing Lemon Hart 151 and demerara syrup with a bit of lime. However, because of the crushed ice and swizzle, the dilution is pretty high and the rich demerara syrup keeps the cocktail from being pure rocket fuel.

Molasses heavy sweetness makes this a worth cocktail contender that fits well into the tiki mold.

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Liquid Cocaine Cocktail

The Liquid Cocaine is a cocktail with many variations to the recipe, we’ve done one before but it was quite different than this version of the liquid cocaine.

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Art in The Age Root Review

Today we try something more natural for a root beer infusion, Art in the Age Root. This is a spirit that can be utilized for a wide array of cocktails, if carefully done. Root is very specific on flavor and it can overwhelm or be lost in a cocktail very easily, perhaps it needs to be the center focus of the cocktail.

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Fire Whip, Sunday Night Shooter

The Fire Whip, smells a bit like a candle store–Jennifer thought it smelled like a doctors office. Not sure where that comes from, but we think the cinnamon is the big aroma on the Fire Whip.

The shooter itself has a little different flavor than a standard shot of fireball and a leaves a slight numbing feeling with a delayed whipped cream finish.

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VEEV Review, Reformulated 70 Proof Spirit

For your Saturday night viewing, we have the new reformulated VEEV spirit bottle. The new 70-proof is a bit different than the one we used a few years ago, more like a vodka-alternative with just a bit of acai berry aroma and flavor.

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Classic Shandy Cocktail

The classic shandy isn’t just beer and lemonade, it’s a bit different and a bit more unique and dynamic. The classic shandy utilizes a hybrid of beer (ale) and ginger beer with an additional citrus.

You can still utilize your favorite recipe, but this will make you feel like you were drinking 1800’s style!

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Pieces of Eight Cocktail

A cocktail that brings the passion in passion fruit by utilizing the great brand B.G Reynolds to create a design that is both tart and slightly sweet, but definitely has the passion fruit tart that you get from some styles of passion fruit.

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Golden Cadillac Cocktail

A galliano cocktail that reminds Ian of Tiramisu but reminds both of us of awesome in your face. We reflect upon the flavors of galliano and figure out if it should have more vanilla flavor aside from the anise.

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The Irish Wake Cocktail

The Irish Wake, what makes it Irish? The only thing we can think of is the high amount of alcohol and the stereotype that Irish know how to drink (they do have a holiday named after it after all).

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