Halloween Nog, A Halloween Cocktail

Happy Halloween! This cocktail isn’t “scary”, but does give us an excuse to break out a product that arrives as the autumn arrives: Eggnog. We’ll have it around until the end of December, so let’s start now!

Definite coffee and eggnog profile with a bit of a chocolate playing in your mouth as well.

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The Autumn Russian, with Pumpkin Spice Kahlua

Today we celebrate the leaves falling and the season change with the Autumn Russian. This is a cocktail based on the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Kahlua liqueur.

This cocktail is a bit hot on vodka, leaving a pretty distinct ethanol burn does give us a feeling this cocktail might be a bit imbalanced. Perhaps cutting down on the vodka will produce a more rich and flavorful cocktail thanks to the cream.

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Spanish Harlem, with Vya Sweet Vermouth

Today we class it up with Anejo tequila as we create the Spanish Harlem cocktail. We select our favorite vermouth, Vya, for this simple and classic designed cocktail.

If you like an approachable aged tequila cocktail, this is your chance to experience anejo in all its glory. It’s akin to an aged bourbon but plays more off the agave heritage so you still get that mildly salty like appeal of tequila.

You may find those that don’t care for tequila won’t believe this is a tequila-based drink.

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Pink Panther Cocktail

The Pink Panther cocktail is a splash-over from last weeks Cancer Awareness Week. We were not “aware” this was a submission until we were made aware of it and so here it is…in all its glory.

Plus, when something is so good, you make it twice? Yeah. And, no, it doesn’t taste like pepto-bismol (Bismuth subsalicylate)

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Exploration Series: Cognac History

Today we take a look at the more mysterious history of Cognac, with a bit on Brandy. Cognac definitely fits more into how the history of wine probably came about and has many of the same style of rules and regulations to how French handle other spirits, maybe more so than most regions.

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Acai Cosmo, with VeeV Acai

Another great tasting cocktail today, with Veev Açaí liqueur, although it’s the older model of the bottle and missing some of the newer proofage in VeeV’s redesign.

Don’t forget fan appreciation week, so we can learn a bit about the CMC family of viewers. One big happy family, write in and tell us about yourself.

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Kinky Cranberry, with Kinky Liqueur

Today we take a pink liqueur, not too unlike X-Rated in color (and market presence) with a slightly different flavor profile due to the cranberry being a nice dry cranberry finisher.

The gin presences is slightly muted in the Kinky Cranberry if you use a slightly more subtle gin because the other flavors are predominant. Using Greenhook ginsmiths gives us a bit of a juniper and camomile essence–a bit of the herbal quality, dryness of the cranberry and Kinky.

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Hearts of POM Cocktail with POM Wonderful

The Hearts of POM cocktail utilizes POM Wonderful to generate a pink drink for breast cancer awareness week (for the month of October). This drink has a slightly salty tequila flavor along side the off-dry pomegranate finish. Imagine a pomegranate margarita and Hearts of POM fits the category.

Question of the day, favorite tequila-based cocktail?

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X-Otica Cocktail with X-Rated Fusion

The X-Otica cocktail, direct from X-Rated’s website, we are making a pink drink to keep the breast cancer awareness movement in full swing. This entire week will be pink, this is our second recipe of the series and it’s super easy to make if you haves some X-Rated.

It is a bit potent, but sweet at the same time, considering neither ingredient is super high proof, the striking potency is probably just flavors smashing you in the face hole.

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Cancer Awareness Cocktail

Save the Ta Ta’s cocktail, or the Cancer Awareness cocktail, designed to give the right color, a good flavor and coordinated in-house as our own cocktail design.

We built a cocktail that almost fits the balance of “one sour, two sweet, three strong, four week” with a bit of a modification. We got it pink with Rose+Hibiscus Cocktail Concentrate.

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Exploration Series: History of Vodka, “Poland and Russia Go To War”

Today we talk about vodka, why? Because everyone seems to be super excited about Vodka and Vodka History. We are not sure why as it’s a fairly straight forward product and it doesn’t bring a ton of flavor to your cocktail.

But, never-the-less, people clammer for vodka information so we are here to dump that information direct into your brain (via your ears). So, get learn’n.

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Sugary Goodness Shot

The sugary goodness shot, a shot of vodka for those that have way too many flavored vodka’s floating around your bar. Just mix ‘em together and add some Irish Cream as a chaser and you’re done.

The Irish Cream supposedly dulls down the heat of the vodka, but most of the flavor is that of pineapple.

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